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Sunday, August 31, 2014

#selfiesunday: First week on the job + My Christmas list (Don't judge.)

Hey guys! Another #selfiesunday post.
My week has been pretty good. Today was my fourth day working at my new job, and I love it. There is still a lotttt to learn, but I'm getting there. I work in an outdoors store now; We have all kinds of hiking and camping gear and different brands for me to learn. On top of that, we have a coffee shop inside the store too, so I'm having to learn how to make all different kinds of coffee. The coffee shop is definitely the most intimidating part because, well, I don't speak "Coffee." Coffee drinkers have their own language almost: "I'll have a Grande Vanilla Latte Blended Blaze with Caramel."
:O Wut.
Lol, so there has been lots of memorization on my part. On my way to work today, I was going over the steps of how to make a Carmel Macchiato in my head, no lie! I do think this job will turn me into a coffee feign, though. 
I've only worked four different shifts and I already have a mental wish-list of the things I want in the store. I told my manager that and he said "Welcome to the first week of work."
Speaking of wishlists, I've been working on my Christmas list (Yes, 18 years old and I still make one of those.)
My Christmas list isn't just what other people can get me, but for me to kind of set goals for the things I want to get myself. I usually end up with most of the things before my birthday (which is in early December) because I really can't wait to get them. What's on my list this year? Well:

Muku Shuttr
This little doo-dad lets you take pictures with your phone and not have to be close to your phone. Since I'm an avid Instagrammer, I figured this would be a great buy for me.

Monogrammed Fleece Pullover:

I love the one fleece pullover that I do have, and I'd love to have one with my monogram on it. This one from is exactly what I'm looking for.

Eno Doublenest Hammock

Now this is one that I will get before December! Just so I can enjoy it in the fall.

Viva La Juicy Perfume by Juicy Couture
Smelled this stuff at Belk the other day and I was smitten from the start.

Origami Owl Locket + 2 different charms

I won't bore you with the two charms I want but the bracelet would look like this one, in gold. Origami Owl is awesome, and I love the story that mine tells about my life.


Ugg "Brett" slippers:

Ugg slippers like these (but slightly different) came in the store this week, and I love them.

That's it for my Christmas list! And that wraps it up for #selfiesunday. Enjoy this extra long weekend! :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Surprise! Baby Face Friday: Miss Lilla & Miss Vivienne

Surpriseee! I love the "Baby Face" feature so much that I'm doing it twice this week. (And I may do it twice every week, I haven't decided yet.) This Friday, we're looking at two adorable sisters:
 Lilla Clare


 "With Lilla we knew we wanted a short feminine name, no nicknames.  My name is Sara and my husband's name is Ross, both short and sweet and we wanted her name to be like ours.  My mom's name is Lisa and growing up I always loved the way cursive L's looked on her signature, so we wanted a name that started with L.  Our first thought was Lily but that was too popular.  We considered Lyra because Ross and I had both read and loved the His Dark Materials series, but we decided we preferred a softer sounding name.  Then there was Lilia which was deemed too frilly and long but led us to Lila which we thought had a short i unlike Lyla, we actually had Lila on our baby shower invites when much to my dismay everyone was calling Lilla, Lyla.  So we corrected the spelling to Lilla (2 consants = short vowel).  
Lilla's middle name is Clare.  There was much debate on whether or not to use this name.  We were considering it because 1.) it sounds good with everything and 2.) Clare is the name of our wonderful doctor who we went through 3 years of infertility, a rough pregnancy with Lilla and continued to deliver both of our daughters.  Ross was on board with Lilla Clare from the start.  My name is Sara Beth and I always thought my first and middle name sounded a bit childish, and it's the same flow as Lilla Clare.  I was in the hospital during my second trimester with Lilla when I had to have an MRI and the attendant who took me down to Radiology had to check my name off my chart with my wrist band.  As he was taking me down he said, "Sara Beth, how could you not love girl with a name like that."  After that I was sold on the sweetness as well and that is how Lilla Clare got her name."

 Almost names: Lila, Lyra, Lily
If she had been a boy: Jack Thomas
Vivienne Grace

"With Vivienne it was easier and harder to pick a name.  It was harder in that we created rules after Lilla.  We didn’t want them to share initials or ending sounds but we wanted them to be the same style.  My sisters are Katie and Kelsey so these rules were very important to me.  This time we were ok with a longer name so long as it we liked a nickname for it, can you tell I have a thing about nicknames.  Even with all of that she was Vivienne from the start, we liked the nickname Vivi and had no issues with Viv so it was just a matter of the spelling.  I did not want her to be Vivi-Anne so we went with the en ending.  We liked the femininity of the Vivienne ( I had always admired Vivienne Westwood's name) and the fact that shared double letters with Lilla was just icing on the cake.

We wanted to do another 1 syllable name, especially since Vivienne was already longer than Lilla.  We chose Grace because my father, my mother's father and my mother's mother's father are/were all ministers and we wanted to honor them. So we have Vivienne Grace."
Almost name: "Sophie Kate, but this was nixed way before I was expecting."
If she had been a boy: Knox Thomas
Potential future sibling names: Rosalie, Cecily, Eleanor, Sylvie, Cora,
Rufus, Jasper, Graham.
Here are some more pictures of these cute girls! Thank you to their mama Sara for letting me feature them! Have a great weekend, readers.



Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Trendy" names that Name Nerds should give a chance: Kiley, Kellan, and more.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I saw Name Nerd put down a "trendy" name.
...But really.
What I find interesting about the Name Nerd World, is that I have seen WAY more people put down on "trendy" names rather than "popular" names. Many a Name Nerd has coveted Olivia, yet trash talked Kylie. Yet... Olivia is technically a lot more popular according to the charts. I think the answer to why this is, is found in the true measure of what a popular name is (which if you go to my blog archive on the side bar over there, you can find the link to where I blogged about this particular subject.) -------->
I could go on and on about this rant, but I won't. I'm just going to type up my thoughts about a few trendy names that I think are rather great:
Hayden-- This could be for a boy too, but I like it on a girl specifically. There's something about Hayden that is different from the other -Ayden names. Not sure if I'd use it... but I do think it's charming for both genders.
Kiley-- This is the spelling I like of this name. I do tend to like names with a hard "I" sound (Violet, Skye, Ryker, Lila, etc.) It's a very sweet name, in my opinion.
Adalyn-- It seems like no one on Nameberry likes the -lyn ending names even a little bit and it hurts my feelings.... just kidding. But seriously, what's wrong with -lyn names?!
Paisley-- This has been dubbed as trendy, and it used to be one of my favorite names. I only like this spelling though, since it's a word name I think it should stay spelled the same.
Brielle/Briella-- This is purely beautiful to me.
Aria-- I can see how this would be labeled as "trendy." I see little Arias everywhere it seems! But for good reason: it's beautiful, and has a beautiful meaning.
Bentley-- Lots of Bentleys lately. Yes, it is after a car, and yes the trend started from Teen Mom, however I can see the appeal. Benjamin is a classic name and Bentley provided moms with a way of getting to that "Ben" sound without using Benjamin.
Jace/Jase-- Another teen mom name. It's a modern spin on Jason. Short, simple, and has the strong "Jay" sound that our English language seems to love. (Jaden, Jason, James, just to name a few.)
Finn-- Hate to say it, but Finn has turned into a trend. (I kind of rhymed there!) I adore Finn, and really don't care how many people use it, it's still way cool.
Jax-- Bradley wants this as a middle for our son. It's not my favorite so I'm not letting it happen, but I think Jax is adorable.
Kellan-- I adore Kellan. And I only know of one. I don't think it deserves the "trendy" label just yet.
Hudson-- -Son ending names are hot right now for boys. Hudson will be the new Mason, I think.
These names are all trendy by definition and there isn't any denying it. But, there is a reason; There is something that tons of parents see in these names, and I say that it's not a bad thing. I like to blog about "unique" and "unusual" names... but I also like to be an advocate for the names that don't get much recognition. These trendy names have loveable qualities about them, and I'm celebrating them today. :)
Just something to mull over as we head into the weekend. Happy Thursday guys!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Short and Strong boy names: Cruz & Cal

I'm about to head to class, so I'm keeping this post short today, just like the boy names on it:
Jack-- A very classic, All-American little dude name. I especially like it on it's own, not connected to Jackson. Simply because Jack by itself is a little daring.
Pierce-- I go back and forth on this one. It has a very sharp, distinct sound. Since my boyfriend is super excited for the movie November Man with Pierce Brosnan, I had to include it.
Troy-- I never really liked this name, but I've been on a Real Housewives of Orange County-binge and Vicki's grandson on the show is pretty adorable.
Ever-- Not Everett... just Ever. Saw a little boy in Instagram with this name, and I thought it was so handsome and unexpected.
Cruz-- I'd love to use this name. It means "cross" in Spanish.
Zeke-- This has the same feel to me as Jack. Very laid back, and a bit mischievous
Theo-- I think of Theo Huxtable on the Cosby Show. 
Ian-- I like this name because I can easily picture and Ian at all ages. 
Cal-- I especially love Cal as a nickname.
Tripp-- Some may think of Sarah Palin's family, but I don't necessarily mind that association.
Graham-- This name looks a lot longer than it actually is. Six letters, one syllable, which you don't see much. Graham feels kind of cuddly, and sweet to me.
Lane-- There is a little boy very near and dear to my heart with this name, so I can't help but love it.
Happy Wednesday readers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Patrick & Miss Mary

This Tuesday, I've got two siblings to feature with some very precious, classic family names:

Patrick Werner
"Since I picked out our daughter's name and informed my husband of it before we even got engaged he agreed only if we named our first son Patrick, which is my husband's middle name. I immediately loved the name and when we had a boy first there was no question that his first name would be Patrick. We had discussed a lot of options for middle names. Although there are some other names that I think sound better with it we decided to pick a family name for the middle spot. We chose my husband's grandfather's first name because he is somebody we both respected and who wasn't in the best of health and we thought it might be something that would help lift his spirits."

Mary Claire
"We actually picked her name first or more I picked it first. My mother passed away when I was eight years old and shortly afterwards I decided that I wanted to name my first daughter after her using both her first and middle names. When my husband and I were dating and starting to become serious I made him promise that our daughter's given name would be Mary Claire although I was somewhat flexible with how she was referred to and would have done a nickname (Molly) or called her by her middle name if that's what it took. He agreed to it and when we found out our second child was going to be a girl we already had the perfect name for her. We had planned on calling her Mary Claire using both her names and referred to our future daughter as such before I was actually pregnant with her. But for some reason we felt like Mary fit her better before she was actually born and only a few relatives call her Mary Claire. My sweet daughter has my mother's easy going personality and although the name choice was entirely based on honoring my mother the name fits her perfectly."
Of alllll the trendy/off-the-wall names I love dearly, it's always refreshing to hear a classic name, especially one with meaning behind it. A big thank you to Patrick and Mary's mama for letting me feature them this week!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#selfiesunday: First week of college + A new job + Celebrating 2000 views on my blog JUST THIS MONTH!

Here we are again on another lovely #selfiesunday post! Lots to update you guys on:

My first week of college has been great. So very different from high school, and I love it. Even though there is more homework, I have way less time actually in school, and it's so much more laid back. I love my classes, too. I have sociology, public speaking, intro to film, biology, and a course online that I'm required to take. It's been an adjustment but I really love it so far.

And as if I didn't have enough change in one week, I've started my new job! I put in my notice at the daycare center I work at, and I've begun training at a local store in my area. It was a difficult decision. I've been at the daycare center for almost two years now. I've met some incredibly sweet people, and learned so much. And if it weren't for this job, I wouldn't have met who I call the little loves of my life, which is my last class of Pre-K kids.

I could talk about those kids alllll day. It was such a blessing to get to watch them learn, and mature, and it was so cool to get to see just how different each of their little distinct personalities were. After they moved up to Kindergarten, I felt a void in my heart. Of all the times they made me cry and throw my hands up in the air, there were 100 times more good memories, laughs and big bear hugs. I get teary eyed talking about it.

I'll miss it, but I am super excited about this new opportunity. The list of it's benefits goes on and on, and I'm so grateful to my friend for helping me to get this new job. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes as I get more training in. :)

My first day on the job with my manager/BFF.

Other things that have happened this week besides college and a new job? My sweet guy turned 20 years old! His birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated with a steak dinner that he didn't even really like and a trip to Staples. Wooooo. :P


Thank you thank you thank you! Whether you're a friend, follower, or fellow Nameberry thank you for showing Name Loves some love of your own. I love that I have this outlet for my naming hobby and I love that you guys are supporting me. You guys are  a w e s o m e.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saint vs. Saint: And other rockstar kids' names.

When the Lacheys and Kristin Cavallari both used the name Camden within days of each other, I didn't think much of it. Camden isn't exactly an obscure name, in the top 100 most popular names. But this week in the world of celeb-babies, there is an interesting twist. Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters, and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy have both used Saint on their babies, born just 20 days apart this month. Now, I really do think this is absolute coincidence. And after all, Dave's babe has Saint in the middle spot, but what I find interesting about the whole thing is that they used that name on opposite genders!

Dave Grohl's baby girl is named Ophelia Saint.

Pete Wentz' baby boy is named Saint Lazslo.

Virtue names are on the rise, no question. And with extreme names like Maverick, and Wilder, and Ranger, why not the extreme names like Saint?

I would never use it, personally. I'm not that brave, and if my child is anything like me or Bradley, it would be far from a saint. But I am intrigued, especially because two rockstars chose this name. ROCKSTARS. [Some of] the most badass people in the celebrity world, used the name Saint. I am fascinated, clearly.

Dave Grohl and his wife picked two not-too-out there names for their first two daughters: Violet and Harper. Ophelia is still sweet and feminine, but has an old-world charm about it, that Violet and Harper lack, in my opinion. so I'm interested by Ophelia as his choice, anyway.

Pete Wentz has one son with Ashlee Simpon, Bronx Mowgli. So I knew he and girlfriend Meagan Camper would pick something interesting for sure. But Saint Lazslo... I never saw that one coming.

Sooo, in honor of these saintly rocker babies, I'm going to list some of the names that rockstars of the past have used. They usually make for the best--or the worst namers.

Cash-- used by Slash. Yes, rhyming names. I'll let you form your own opinion on that one.

 Liv, Mia, Chelsea, and Taj-- used by Steven Tyler. I say he had great taste for his time.

Skye and Shade-- Daughters of Dizzy Reed.

Gabrielle Luna, Colton Moon, and Artemis Charlie (unsure of the gender)-- Children of David Bryan.

Raine Elizabeth and Jorja Bleu-- Daughters of Bret Michaels

Jude Aaron and Lucy Sky-- Children of Rikki Rockett

Finlay-- Son of Joe Elliot
I would include more, but I'm exhausted. I have been going at it all day! It was Bradley's birthday + I started training at my new job! Which I'll post about tomorrow on #selfiesunday.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The name struggle is real: Bradley's reject names, in honor of his birthday tomorrow!

I know that I have the pickiest boyfriend in the world when it comes to names. Naturally, since I love talking about them, we have had many discussions about names. I have suggested EVERY possible name on this earth, it feels like, and he just doesn't like anything. His favorite names? That list is made up of 1 boy name, and 2 girl names.

They are the only two he will hear of. It's not that they're bad... I just don't like them enough to use them. (I think.) When I ask him what he likes about them so I can get a feel for what he likes he just says "I don't know... I just like them."

Wow, Brad. Thank you for that extensive detail. Super helpful.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like we have a dire need to express how we feel about names, but it's my hobby, obviously, and I feel like I've failed as a Name Nerd because I can't find common ground here.

So now for the reject names:

Annabelle-- Who couldn't like this sweet name? Bradley, that's who. He described it as "a slutty princess" name. Harsh.

Vivienne-- "Sounds like a middle aged lady."

Emory-- I thought this might be a winner with the "Em" sound that he likes. Guess not. Update: He has recently just agreed to Emery, just spelt that way. I'm kind of excited about it. :)

Harlow-- "I just don't like the way it sounds." Okaaaayyy... What DO you like the sound of??

Daisy-- "She'll sound like a redneck."

Brighton-- "It doesn't even sound like a name." It's one of those craaazyyy things called a place name, Brad.

Tallulah-- *Laughed in my face.*

Jubilee-- *Gave me a stern judgemental look.*

And as for the important ones, Aspen and Violet are his rejects BUT I REFUSE to put them in the corner of his rejected names! They are much too beautiful and my all time favorites and I will fight for those two!
As for the boys...
Bennett-- He just... won't. Unless by force.
Asa-- *Another stern judgemental look*
Maverick-- Lots of Nameberries really dislike this. Bradley really does too. Am I the only one that finds it super cute? Apparently.
Lincoln-- This is a very recent no-go from The Brad.
Silas-- "Sounds like Silence!"
Breccan-- "Like Bacon? Uh, No."
Our boys list is more short, because he is way less picky with those, and we more or less agree on our first son's name. It's the girl names that have been the headache.
That's it for today! I'm gonna get off and go work on some homework. Have a great Friday guys!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rugged, tough & unusual boy names: Everest & Hawk

I did the soft and sweet girls, so now I'll do the rough-and-tumble boys. Some of these might sound "soft," but for me what makes a tough name is the meaning, or imagery behind the name. Here are some of the most interesting, tough, and "manly" unusual names for boys I could find:
Abraham-- Abram is much more common than this (and when I say much more common, I mean still not common at all.) But I'd love to meet a baby Abraham. Abraham was "The Man" in the Old Testament.
Caspian-- I think of The Chronicles of Narnia when I think of this name. Prince Caspian was a brave solider. Plus, it's a place name reference when you think of the Caspian see. Jasper is climbing up the charts... So why not Caspian?
Cato/Kato-- I prefer the K spelling, because I think of the clothing store with the C spelling. Now for Hunger Games fans, this may be a no-go, but I'm not all that into Hunger Games so, I think this is way cool.
Everest-- Emmett, Everett... Everest seems to logically follow. This is the name for those of you looking for an alternative to those first two E names above. Everest is also a place name, referring to the highest peak in the world.
Fox-- For me, this is strictly middle name territory and even then I'm not sure if I'm that brave. I've seen this as a middle name a few times on Nameberry. Would you be brave enough?
Hadrian-- This name has historical roots, because it was the name of one of the last Roman Emperors. That extra H sound gives it that "umph" that Adrian doesn't have.
Hawk/Hawkins-- Speaking of animal names... :) Here's another one! I'd be more likely to use Hawk in the middle. Not sure why, it just feels more wearable than Fox.
Jedidiah-- It's on my Name Crush list on the sidebar at the moment, and my current favorite on this list. Jed is SO handsome.
Ransom-- This brings to mind author Ransom Riggs. I think it sounds quite dashing.
Sampson-- I love the story of Sampson in the bible, for many reasons that I won't rave about here. I sympathize with this guy. So I love this name.
Wilder-- I picture a frontiersman. This could be because of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but nonetheless.

Okay guys that's it! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Scout

Let me start this post off by saying, I adore this little girl's name. And I think her mother is a Name genius:
Scout Amelie
"I often ask myself which path is the most adventurous when I am faced with a decision. Having a child is so is one of the biggest adventures. The name Scout fits my daughter because she loves to investigate and discover. She is completely distracted by acorns, mushrooms, rocks, worms and shells. I wanted to balance her frill-less first name with a feminine middle. My sister suggested Amelie."

If she had been the opposite gender: "Possibly Dodger, though I had a feeling it was a girl and didn't concentrate on boy names."
 ***For those of you readers who don't know (I didn't for awhile) Amelie is a French name pronounced Ah-muh-lee***

A big thank you to Scout's mama for letting me share her name! I adore it, and I know that any readers with a spunky naming style will too. Happy Baby Face Tuesday guys!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Odd but sweet girl names: Ismay & Snow

I'm drawn to girl names that are odd and whimsical, yet so sweet sounding. Here are a few:
Lavender-- A very uncommon nature name that some of you may remember from Harry Potter's Lavender Brown. It goes along with the -er ending name trend. This may be a litttttle too unusual for some parents' taste but I think it makes for a wonderful middle.
Jessamine-- Like Jasmine, but way less common and I think sweeter. The nickname Jessa has a modern flare to it, like a made-over Jessica.
Galilee-- I'm really drawn to this name. It's a biblical place name that gets little to no recognition, and it has the sweet nickname Lilee.
Perri-- I suppose this could go for either gender, but I think it's so sweet on a girl. I've only seen this as a middle on a girl.
Verona-- I heard of this as a name when I saw a few people speculating about what Pete Wentz and Megan Camper's baby will be named. Verona is a place name, and would suit the quirkiness of this couple, and match with big brother Bronx's place name. It also has the nickname possibility of Vera.
Snow-- One of these that I dislike as a first name, but would love to see in the middle. It just doesn't feel... complete enough, I guess. You can't help but conjure up images of the sweet Snow White, though.
Channing-- I know a very sweet girl by this name so maybe I'm biased. Again, I know this could go for either gender but I really like it on a girl.
Sunday-- I've always been a fan of Keith Urban's eldest daughter's name. Sunday Rose. How pure and innocent is that?
Amity-- I saw a little girl named this on Hello My Name Is Pabst (the link to that is to the right of this post). My association is with Amityville Horror so I'm unsure if I'd use it, but I really like the meaning. The more I say it, the more I like it.
Ismay-- Yes Esme is sweet too, but I like it's uncommon twin sister Ismay better. Like Isabella May, but more adorable and less popular.
Loretta-- I think of one of Sarah Jessica Parker's twins. Etta is the most obvious nickname option.
That's it readers! Tomorrow is Baby Face Tuesday, DON'T FORGET TO READ IT! The little girl I'm featuring has one of my favorite name combinations I've ever heard. If I could name-nap it, I would... ;) Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

College names that are/could be legitmate first names: Baylor and Bellevue

In honor of my first day of college in a little over 12 hours... I'm doing a post on collegiate names! And there are some better ones out there than you might think:
Abilene-- As in Abilene Christian University. This name has been getting more recognition thanks to The Help.
Acadia-- As in Acadia University. This college is actually in Nova Scotia, come to find out.
Auburn-- As in Auburn University.This name would fit right in with the Aubrey craze, and the trend of color names. If Aubrey, and if Scarlet, and if Blue, why not Auburn?
Baylor-- As in Baylor University. This is a name I've actually seen on two baby boys within the past year, but I think it could go for either gender.
Bellevue-- As in Bellevue University. I love this as an alternative to all of the -bella names.
Bethel-- As in Bethel University. A great, and uncommon way to get to the sweet and simple nickname, Beth.
Brigham-- As in Brigham Young University. I really like this, actually. I love Bram, and this seems like a more rugged version of that name.
Duke-- As in Duke University. If Guliana and Bill can pull it off with their child, I say the general public can too.
Fairleigh-- As in Fairleigh Dickinson University. Hmm. I know many Name Nerds may dislike this, but I find a certain charm about it. Maybe because it sounds like fairy.
Hendrix-- As in Hendrix College. The first association with this name would definitely not be with the college, but with the guitarist. So for me, this is a very daring choice of name, and it would take a really cool kid to pull it off.
Kent-- As in Kent State University. A little bit more rugged than Keith, and it feels sort of preppy to me.
Mercy-- As in Mercy College. Such a sweet virtue name that was brought to light by Madonna when she used it for her daughter.
Murray-- As in Murray State University. I prefer Murphy, over Murray, personally.
Princeton-- As in Princeton University. This one only seems logical to me, since Kingston has busted the Top 200, why not Princeton?
Salem-- As in Salem State University. I love Salem. It's a Hebrew name for peace. I could see it on either gender.
Troy-- As in Troy University. I heard a few boys talking a few years ago, about how they would love to name a son Troy, because in their words "It's the most badass guy name there is." I thought to myself "Hmmmm. It's fascinating to hear the thought processes of boys talking about names."
Truman-- As in Truman State University. The first association with this name will most likely be with the president rather than the college. I adore the nickname True.

Okay guys that's all I have for tonight! Next time you hear from me, I'll be a big, bad college girl. Talk to you soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

#selfiesaturday: Being a School Supply Snob. (for Madi)

I know it isn't Sunday, but I'll be going to the zoo tomorrow to celebrate my last day of summer! So I'm switching it up today :)
In honor of going back to school on Monday, I'm posting on a certain.... problem that I have.
I'm a School Supply Snob, thanks in part to my sweet (and very Type A) friend Madi. I have to have only a certain kind of pencil, a certain kind of notebook, etc. I have an ever-growing collection of Sharpies that I loooove to add to. It's just become a quirk of mine over the past few years, and I like the fact that I actually enjoy trips to Office Max and Staples.
I'll be blogging today on my favorite supplies: their brands, their design, all of it. So here are my choices for this year:

I decided this year to try to go without a binder. They are so big, and bulky and end up killing my shoulders by November, so we'll see how that goes. If not, I have a hot pink, reinforced binder that was great for last year.
I'll go from right to left: Rather than the binder, I'm going to use two folders and a 5 subject notebook; the first for hand-outs and passed back papers, and the notebook for notes, obviously. It'll be lighter weight, and I think it'll be easier to stay organized throughout the year.
Oh.. did you see my Sharpie collection to the far right? That is my color coordinated collection of Sharpie pens, markers, and highlighters. I love it. And yes, they are organized with toilet paper rolls. I credit that idea to Pinterest. :)
Back down at the bottom, there is my super cute Post-it holder. Post-its are life in school, to me, anyways. Skipping over to the pink and yellow Post-its, those are full adhesive sticky notes. They are amazing, because I never have to worry about the sticky not falling off, or wrinkling. Expensive little boogers, but they are so fantastic, especially for note-taking. Unfortunately I have to be sparing with them!
Those pencils in the middle are my FAVORITES. I really don't like to use any other. There's something about the way they fit in my hand, and they make my semi-sloppy handwriting flow a lot better than other pencils I've had.
And then... there's the Lilly Pulitzer planner. It's the reason I'm going to force myself to get in the habit of keeping track of a planner... because once again... it was way expensive. However, it does have some adorable features inside.
Oh, and I'll show you guys my new Name Supplies that I got too!

Like my slippers?

A Name notebook, obviously, but also a clipboard-notepad mash-up. The clipboard opens like a book, and has a note-pad inside, so when I go graveyard naming, it can be more convenient.
Name Nerd + School Supply Snob = Who knows what.
Alright guys, I'm done for this #selfiesaturday. I'm going to have a steak dinner! Have a great Sunday!