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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Celebrity baby names I've been dissapointed with, and pleasantly surprised with: Maple Sylvie & Skyler Morrison

This is a topic that I was just inspired to write about a few minutes. There is so much speculation at the moment on what Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are going to name their baby, I just reeeeaally hope it's something cool/interesting. I'm hoping funny guy Kutcher, and the exotic Mila don't disappoint in the name department.
It got me to think about all of the times that I've been disappointed with celebrities choices in names. If you've read my very first post on the blog, you know that I adore Harlow Winter Kate. It's basically flawless, in my eyes. But my disappointments? Well...
Prince George Alexander Louis: I waited a loooong while for this one. I knew it would be a classic name... but George? I cannot picture a baby George and to this day, I think the name doesn't fit him at all. I remember I was sitting, waiting on my oil to be changed in a shop and I scrolled through my phone and saw the news, and I remember slightly frowning.
Benjamin Hunter Kaleo Travolta: With an older brother named Jett, and an older sister named Ella Bleu I thought for sure the Travolta clan would pick something trendy and ahead of it's time. (Jett and Ella are trendy now, but these kids are much older and beat the popularity of their names) But instead they went with Benjamin. There isn't anything wrong with Benjamin... it's just much more classic and... expected. Kaleo is really unusual, though.
Camden Jack and Jaxon Wyatt: Kristin Cavillari disappointed me TWICE! I thought for sure that this stylish fashionista would pick names that were ahead of the popular curve, but no. With her first son Camden, she actually commented on Twitter about accidentally picking a boy name that was so popular unbeknownst to her (which was a small jab at Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who had just named their son Camden, too.) So for that reason I thought that SURELY she would be certain to pick a much more uncommon name. But instead, she picks Jaxon, which is basically a trendy version of her first son's middle name. I was so bummed, and I still am.
Otis Alexander: I feel like I'm the only one in the Nameberry community that cannot stand Otis. No offense to anyone out there, but it is completely unappealing in every way to me. When I say it outloud, I simply hate the sound of it. So when Olivia Wilde used it, I sort of cringed. Okay, I really cringed.
Skyler Morrison: Again, there isn't anything wrong with this name. I just expected Rachel Zoe, free-spirited as her style is, to use a much less tame name. But she most definitely redeemed herself by using Kaius Jagger for her newest baby boy. Good play, Rach. Good play.
But geez, little Skyler is so darn cute.
Faith Margaret: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman set the expectations for the unexpected high, when they named their first daughter Sunday Rose. So when they announced that their youngest daughter was called Faith Margaret, I wondered why they went for something much, much more classic. Both names match though; they're sweet, and innocent.
Maxwell Drew (girl): I think it's cool and all to put boy names on girls. But really Jessica Simpson? Maxwell Drew on your daughter? My eyes are rolling out of my head to this day. Oh, and to top it off they call her "Maxi." Yes, like the maxi pad. *more eyeroll.

Names I were pleasantly surprised with:
Charlie West: Honestly, it's just refreshing to hear Charlie on a boy, lately. I know of so many girl Charlies, that I just appreciated David Arquette using this name on his son. I expected him to go a little more "out-there," since his first child's name is Coco, but Charlie West feels rugged and warm and familiar and I really love it.
Evelyn Penn: I knew that Bruce Willis wouldn't let me down! His daughters by Demi Moore are named Rumer, Tallulah and Scout, and with his two daughters by Emma Heming, they opted to go for unusual, but more on the vintage side. After they used Mabel Ray for their first daughter, Mabel skyrocketed in popularity. And for this daughter, They used a classic, feminine first name, with an unexpected tomboyish middle. Perfection.
 Livingston Alves: Matthew McConaughey's first two kids are named Levi and Vida, both meaning Life. What else is there? Livingston. It literally has the word "live" in it. I see what you did there, Matt. I'm onto you.
Maple Sylvie: Who would have ever thought that I would have liked Maple. Well, Jason Bateman made it work, and I think it's so darling.
Winnie Rose: Funny guy Jimmy Fallon chose this for his baby girl. It really brought Winnie back on the scene. Well... for name nerds, anyway.
Shiloh Nouvel: I've loved it ever since Brangelina introduced it to the world. It's definitely my favorite of their childrens' names.
Sparrow James Midnight: Nicole Richie brings us a fabulously unique name in her second round of Madden babies. I just want her to name my kids, really.
Oh, and I just feel like Bronx Mowgli Wentz needs a category all of his own, so here's to Bronx, whose parents really threw everyone for a loop when announcing his name! He totally pulls it off though. 
And that's my celebrity baby name rant. I'll be posting more on this in the future, I'm a bit fascinated by it. :)

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