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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saint vs. Saint: And other rockstar kids' names.

When the Lacheys and Kristin Cavallari both used the name Camden within days of each other, I didn't think much of it. Camden isn't exactly an obscure name, in the top 100 most popular names. But this week in the world of celeb-babies, there is an interesting twist. Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters, and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy have both used Saint on their babies, born just 20 days apart this month. Now, I really do think this is absolute coincidence. And after all, Dave's babe has Saint in the middle spot, but what I find interesting about the whole thing is that they used that name on opposite genders!

Dave Grohl's baby girl is named Ophelia Saint.

Pete Wentz' baby boy is named Saint Lazslo.

Virtue names are on the rise, no question. And with extreme names like Maverick, and Wilder, and Ranger, why not the extreme names like Saint?

I would never use it, personally. I'm not that brave, and if my child is anything like me or Bradley, it would be far from a saint. But I am intrigued, especially because two rockstars chose this name. ROCKSTARS. [Some of] the most badass people in the celebrity world, used the name Saint. I am fascinated, clearly.

Dave Grohl and his wife picked two not-too-out there names for their first two daughters: Violet and Harper. Ophelia is still sweet and feminine, but has an old-world charm about it, that Violet and Harper lack, in my opinion. so I'm interested by Ophelia as his choice, anyway.

Pete Wentz has one son with Ashlee Simpon, Bronx Mowgli. So I knew he and girlfriend Meagan Camper would pick something interesting for sure. But Saint Lazslo... I never saw that one coming.

Sooo, in honor of these saintly rocker babies, I'm going to list some of the names that rockstars of the past have used. They usually make for the best--or the worst namers.

Cash-- used by Slash. Yes, rhyming names. I'll let you form your own opinion on that one.

 Liv, Mia, Chelsea, and Taj-- used by Steven Tyler. I say he had great taste for his time.

Skye and Shade-- Daughters of Dizzy Reed.

Gabrielle Luna, Colton Moon, and Artemis Charlie (unsure of the gender)-- Children of David Bryan.

Raine Elizabeth and Jorja Bleu-- Daughters of Bret Michaels

Jude Aaron and Lucy Sky-- Children of Rikki Rockett

Finlay-- Son of Joe Elliot
I would include more, but I'm exhausted. I have been going at it all day! It was Bradley's birthday + I started training at my new job! Which I'll post about tomorrow on #selfiesunday.

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