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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Revvie

Back at it again with Baby Face Tuesday. This babe has not one, but two very unique names with a story behind them:
Revvie Adessie
The joy on her face is just great!
"One day while pregnant, I was watching the movie Higher Learning. Still baffled on a name, I heard the name Remy. Problem was, the character in the movie was a racist skinhead, and while some might not know the movie, I knew. So while driving later that week, I went through the entire alphabet, changing the letters to the name. Quickly giving up hope, I got to v and spoke "Revvie". That was it. It had the spunk, the softness, the feminism, everything I had wanted. My first daughter's middle names was a combo of my grandmother's names, so I felt only right to honor my husband's grandmothers with this child's middle name. I had the task of combining Flossie and Adelaide. After much smushing, Adessie finally appeared. Revvie Adessie. A 2-3 combo, which I gravitate towards and a feminine feel. From the moment I spoke it, there was no need to entertain the thought of another name. This was it."
If she had been a boy: "Tacoma Romeo was being thrown around."
Siblings: Daytona Joette and Zabryn Amare
I like the idea of smushing together grandparents' names to honor each of them. Thank you to Revvie's mom for sharing her name story with Name Loves!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fellow-name lovers favorites Round 2: The Girls

Now it's time to do the girls! I took to Nameberry again to see what kind of cool girl names that Berries had stored in their name bank and this was the response I got.
I think you non-Name Nerd readers will find that many Name Nerds have very elaborate taste in girl names. These combos are eccentric, feminine, unusual, and quirky in every way. Enjoy!
Polina R.
Brittani A.
Haley S.

 Florence Emily - Emily seems to add a more modern vibe to Florence, which has always been on my favourites list, since I started seriously making one.

Edna Catherine - I love the meaning; 'pure delight'.

Martha Lillian - Similar to Florence, Martha has always appeared on my lists (since I started making them properly, at age 15), and I love using a family name like Lillian as a middle for Martha.

Doris Evelina - I love how this roughly translates into 'wished for gift of the sea'.

Rosina Claire - Rosina is one I've recently found myself loving, and Claire's always appealed to me, when I was little, I used to think about renaming myself Claire.

Charlotte Lucy - I love the elegance and class of Charlotte, and, a few years ago, when I was 15, I met one of my first pen pals from the UK - who's full name was Charlotte Lucy, and I fell in love with the combination almost instantly.

Minnie Rosetta - I've always struggled to find a middle name for Minnie that I like, but I feel like Minnie Rosetta works perfectly, it's frilly and feminine, yet playful and fun.

Maude Amelia - Amelia seems to add a more playful side to Maude, which I like, I feel as though they balance each other out.
Eva Matilda
 Zelie Catiche
Alix Sebastienne
Pelagie Lucrece

Lucrezia Raphaelle
Allegra Lourdes
Vivienne Jane
Hannah M.
Erin C.
Carly Z.

Jane Cosima
---> Jane is my favorite name right now and my husband loves it as well, so it will most likely be our first daughter's name. I love Jane for its simplicity and sweet vintage feel but it's not super popular. It also combines both of our moms names (Joanne and Lorraine) and I think thats a big reason I love this name. Cosima is a name that combines our dads' names and I love the etheral feel.

Fiona Constance
---> Fiona was my top favorite name before I fell in love with Jane, and honestly I still flip back and forth between which is my top name. I just love the unique sound and simple femininity of it. I like the options of a more tomboyish nn (Fin) or sweet and girly nn (Fia). It also honors my gramma whose first name started with F. Constance was my husband's gma's name (well the name she went by) who recently passed and whom he was very close to.

Gwyneth Persephone
---> I love the nn Gwen, but like the completeness of Gwyneth. Kind of a more grown up Gwen, a little more serious. Gwyneth also has a lovely meaning! Persephone was a name I was shocked my husband likes, right now I just like how it sounds with Gwyneth.

Thea Evangeline
---> Thea is another short & sweet name that I really like as a sister to Jane. I really love the Greek mythology connection of Thea. Evangeline is a pretty name we both love but I feel it is a bit long as a first name.

Alice Naomi
---> Alice is such a classic, literary name that can be sweet but serious. I find it such a lovely name and can picture it on a chubby little baby, a curly haired little girl playing with her dolls and a teenager as well as an adult. Naomi is a name that my husband suggested early in our relationship. I like the it shares an ending sound with both my husband's name and my name (Zachary & Carly). Naomi has a serious feel but the ending makes it sweet as well.
Lanie B.
Shannon G.
These are the names that are still in the running for our baby (if it's a girl).
Tabitha Noelle
Nora Felicity
Naomi Kathleen

These are names I really loved, but DH has vetoed for various reasons:
Rachel Emilia
Amelia Katherine
Felicity Rose
(For all of you non-Name Nerd, DH means "Darling Husband"!)
Sosie B.
Nina F.
Amy R.

Kimimela Serene - has been my top for a very long time, although the middle changes often. It means "butterfly" and has a lot of personal significance.
 Daenerys Jasmine - I love everything about the character of Daenerys Targaryen and cannot think of a more awesome inspiration than her for a daughter. I also love that it shortens to Dany. I have a soft spot for Jasmine but feel it is too common for the first name spot. However, I absolutely adore it as the middle for Daenerys. So feminine and soft to balance the harder syllables of the name.
Azalea Dawn - not sure that the middle will stay as it is, but I think Azalea is awesome. Such a fun, spirited alternative to the overused Lily, and I enjoy the possible nickname Lea as well.
Primavera Rose - I was a Spanish major in undergrad and spring is my favorite season, so I'm completely hung up on this one. Love that it shortens to the sweet and unassuming nickname Prim but looks elegant in its full form on a driver's license or diploma.
Arwen Elizabeth - what can I say, I'm a fantasy nerd and have had this one tucked away in my heart since "Fellowship of the Ring" came out when I was fourteen. I don't know that it would necessarily make the cut anymore as my tastes have changed and evolved, but I know it will always stay in the top five. Elizabeth Swan is yet another favorite heroine of mine, so aside from really liking how they fit together, it's a neat way to pay homage to two very strong fictional women who were a big part of my adolescence.
Annie H.
Myrna Beatrix
Lorena Salome (pronounced lorraine-ah sal-ohm)
Samantha Celeste
Eira Blythe (pronounced ay-ra)
Mathilda Clara (pronounced Matilda clah-ra- not claire-ah)
Nora Katharina
Petrea T.

Lilya Agnes - I love the soft sound of Lilya with the strong feel of Agnes
Deidre Elizabeth - Deidre is my nan's name, and my middle is Elizabeth
Elodie Catherine - the whimsical feel of Elodie contrasts nicely with the strength of Catherine
Isabel Margaret - same as Elodie Catherine
Gaia Anastasia - I love the way this combination sounds
Eleanor Opal - 'same but different' feel
Lila Vivienne - embodies 'Hollywood glamour'
Delilah Lucy - these names ooze of energy and fun!
Olympia D.
Raevyn O.
So many awesome girl names in this bunch, I couldn't limit myself to three favorites. My favorites of this pick are Isla Moon, Ella Ireland, Penelope Lilac and Eleanor Opal, basically because of my love for their wordy- middles. I also love Emilia Bridget, Helena Claire, and Juniper Lilith.
I want to give a big honorable mention to the name Emmeline Twila Alice. This combo is amazingggg! It embodies everything I personally like in a name. It's feminine, familiar, yet unusual, and slightly whimsical. I'm not usually a fan of two middles, but this one works SO well. Hats off to Olympia D. for my favorite combo this week. :)
Hope you guys enjoyed this collection of girl combos!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I asked my fellow name lovers for their favorite boy combos, and this was the response:

I took to the Nameberry community for my latest conquest. I know that everyone has a different style when it comes to names. So in this blog, I want to make sure and feature names from all different tastes. I asked my fellow Berries what their favorite boy name combinations are. They gave me their name (some opted to use their Nameberry user name) and this was the response.
Note: Some have chosen to elaborate on why they love the names they do, so when you see them refer to "I", it isn't me :)
Also: The cool thing about this, is that every one of these names is linked to Nameberry, so if you like one of these, roll your mouse over onto it, click, and Presto! You'll be taken to a page of that Name, it's meaning, popularity, etc.
Now, I'll stop talking and let you enjoy these fascinating name combinations!
Emma H. :
Grace M.:
Carly Z.:

Oren Drake- I love Oren for its soft but strong sound, we like O- names because we want to use the nn Oz (with our last initial). Drake sounds nice in the middle and means 'dragon' which is very meaningful to my husband.

Jude Caspian- again, Jude is soft but strong, and I just find it so handsome. Caspian is such a magical name, I have a deep love of reading and it combines our fathers' names.

Asher Penn- Asher just makes me happy, and I love that it has a happy meaning. My husband really likes the name too. Penn is a rememberance of our early dating and engaged years when we lived in Pennsylvania. Plus I just like the name and find it handsome!

Bram Augustus- Bram is a new name to our list, we came upon our love for it mutually and I love the mysterious feel of the name. I see it working on a mischevious little boy who grows up to be an outdoorsy, athletic gentleman. August is a family name on my husband's side (his grandfather, uncle and cousin) and is also my husband's middle name. I think Augustus flows better though and adds to the mysterious sound.

Griffin Edward- Griffin just sounds so fun to me, and I like the possibility of the nn Fin. I feel that Griffin or one of its nns could fit any personality. Edward is my grandfather's name and I think it works well with Griffin.
Steff S.:
Xander Gabriel - Xander is a name that I have loved ever since I watched Buffy the vampire slayer. Gabriel is another name that I loved since I watched a popular TV show, that I won't be using as a first name due to its rise in popularity and my love for the sound of Xander Gabriel. And not matter how many times someone says that they like Xander as a nn for Alexander, it won't change the fact that I like Xander more and may be using it in the future.

Xavier Leo - Xavier has been one of my favorite names ever since I starting liking names. I love Leo as a middle
name because it is short and handsome.

Luke Edward - I am not considered about the Es running together because this name takes the style of my fiance's name and includes his middle name and a name from his favorite movie series. I love Luke because it is short and too the point, I have never liked Lucas. I like Edward because it is a name that runs in my fiance's family and it is a classic and I love the way it sounds.

River Adam - Adam is not set in stone as the middle name for River. But both names have always been my favorite. River is the name of my future son and it has been that way since I first heard it. I love Adam because it is a handsome name, and I love the way it flows with River.

Emily G.:

Amy E.:
Claire L.:

River Michael
Ezra Duncan
Jasper Gregory
Abel Terrance
August John

The first names are basically my favorites & the middle names are all family names.


Raevyn O.:

 1. Finn Cecil
2. Gabriel Peregrine
3. Augustus Fife "Gus"
Samuel Joss
5. Cove Watson [more of a GP, but I couldn't think of another one] (for those of you non-name nerds, GP stands for Guilty Pleasure!)


Asa Benjamin (my absolute top favourite boys' combo )
Lucas Orion
Emrys Apollo
Evander Rhys
Idris Nathaniel
Emily M:

Samuel Byrd - Samuel is a longtime favorite, and Byrd is a family surname.

Edward Solomon - Edwards is my grandmother's maiden name, and I have a special connection with that side of my family. I like to have one Biblical name per combo for religious reasons. Solomon means "peace" and Edward means "rich guard" or "blessed guard." In a roundabout way Edward Solomon means "blessed guard of peace," which I really love.

George Gideon - George is a classic that's been unjustly neglected these past few decades. I love that it derives from the Greek word for "farmer," as farming has been the primary occupation of my family for centuries. It's a job that requires discipline, diligence, and a strong work ethic, all traits I hope my son will possess. I love Gideon for its rugged and woodsy feel.

Arthur Isaac - Isaac is my tentative middle name choice for Arthur, as I've yet to find a Biblical name I love to go with it. I absolutely love the name Arthur, and the associations with Arthurian legend are so cool. Arthur also has a connection to my mom's maiden name.

Ezra Callaway - I think Ezra is one of the coolest names ever. Callaway is a family surname.
Alice L .:

Leo Xavier - I have loved Leo for a year or so now. I just love how it is handsome and wearable on all ages. Xavier I find spunky, unusual and exotic.

Alexander George - After hearing Prince George's name (George Alexander Louis), I feel in love with this combo. It sounds so handsome and regal, and I love the cool nickname of Xander.

Thomas Archie - I have loved Thomas for a while now. It was the name of a doll I had when I was little, and I've loved it ever since. I have loved Archie for about the same time as Leo. It is fun and playful to me.

Harry Lysander - I have loved Harry for about the same time as Archie and Leo. Like Archie, I find it fun and playful, as well as handsome. Lysander is a newer name love, I just find it so romantic.

Cornelius Laszlo - Cornelius is an honour name for me, but it gets a lot of negative feedback online and in real life. I also love how it sounds and looks. Laszlo is a newer name love, I think it is extremely cool and picture a laid back, carefree little boy when I hear it.
I could go over this list allllll day. I love fellow Name Nerds, because their range of names is boundless.
Although I love many of these, three of them really stood out to me: Jude Caspian, Soren Lennox, and Ezra Calloway. I think these are my 3 favorites because I would have never thought to pair any of these together and they all work wonderfully.
Readers, I hope you enjoy going over these names! Expect a similar post on girl names too... I have a feeling those will be equally as fascinating.
Happy Weekend-ing. :)