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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Word middle names: My very favorite thing ever.

I LOVE word names. I reeeeallllly love them when they are in the middle spot.
The middle name is so versatile. I see the middle name as a chance to use a name that you wouldn't be brave enough to use as the first. And what's more daring than a word in the middle?
Let me just start off with some celebrities that like the wordy-middles too:
Jack Lion-- Son of Amy Lee
Elsie Marigold-- Daughter of Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans
Maxwell Haze-- Son of Kevin Richardson
Ava Berlin-- Daughter of Jeremy Renner
Breeze Beretta-- Daughter of Levi Johnston
Penelope Scotland-- Daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
Bastian Kick-- Son of Jeremy Sisto
Julian Fuego-- Son of Robin Thicke
And of course, Nicole Richie's two children, Harlow Winter Kate, and Sparrow James Midnight, of whom you should know by now, if you're an avid follower of the blog ,that I'm a huge fan of Nicole's naming skills.

(I got these celebrity names from Nameberry, if you wanna check it out there!)

These middles are words with various meanings; Some are places, actions, and things in nature. One is even a gun brand! (I'm looking at you Breeze Beretta.)
These words take more common names (Like Jack, and Ava) and spice them up. They also take already off-the-wall choices (Like Breeze and Bastian) and make them even more interesting.
Current word middles I'm crushing on:
Fable-- I think I love it so much because it's a mixture of the sounds of Faye and Mabel, so it feels vintage to me, actually.
Sage-- I'll always adore Sage, for either gender. I would even use it (most likely for a boy) in the first spot, potentially.
West-- I've paired this one with Jedidiah in my "Current Name Crushes" box over there ----->
Lark-- A bird name that feels very innocent and fresh.
Island-- This is one of my less-popular name loves on Nameberry, I think :P The way I'm thinking, Island is a mixture of Ryland and Isla. And it gives me relaxing, tropical vibes. I'd pair it with Gemma, personally.
Rome-- This is one I like for a boy. It's got strong history behind it, and feels like a very sturdy name. I like the spelling Roam, which changes it to a verb. Same name, very different feels.
Atlas-- Looooove Atlas for a little boy.
Cruz-- It's the Spanish word for Cross, and it seems like it's getting trendier.
Poppy-- I can't be sold on this one. But I think it would work really nice in the middle spot with a classic first name. Evelyn Poppy, maybe?
Dove-- I've actually seen this in a recent birth announcement, though I can't remember what the first name was. Dove could be equally as popular as Wren in the middle, I think.
Valor-- This name is just, quite literally, brave. Emile Hirsch recently used it for his baby boy, but he actually used it as a first name. Go Emile!

I put these names in green, so that you can decide for yourself what gender you like these names for. Everyone has their own preferences. :)
Alright that's all for this Sunday! I didn't do a #selfiesunday because I've missed naming this week. :) Have a great week!

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