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Friday, March 13, 2015

-s ending boy names, the latest trend: Abraxas, Ellis, and more.

Yikes... It's been awhile.
Sorry guys! It's been a busy few weeks. This week I have been on Spring Break, and I've spent most of it getting things done that I need to get done and napping in my ENO hammock. It's been an awesome break, but I've neglected my blogging responsibilities and I apologize.
I've been wanting to post on these names for awhile-- they are my absolute favorite boy names, and I can see them becoming the latest trend.
First there was the -son names. Mason, Jackson, and Hudson rule the popularity charts to this day. Then, we started to see the occupational -er ending names. Tucker, Parker, Ryder have taken their rightful places as princes of the charts. Want to get a step a head of the trend? Go for -s ending boy names.
Elias-- One of the most popular -s ending boy names, and you'd never know it. I don't feel like I've met many little Elias' at all.
Miles/Myles-- I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan, but many people are so I know I should include it in this list.
Silas-- Silas is one of my favorite -s ending names. It's biblical and classic and I just love the sound.
Atticus-- This name is becoming trendy thanks to the recent surge of literary baby names. Atticus may be dubbed as "hipster," but I find it refreshing.
Brooks-- Brooks feels half rugged, half preppy.
Ellis-- Same sound as Elias, but less popular, and very vintage.
Hayes-- A very underused name that's totally usable.
Cassius-- Straight bad-ass. If I met a Cassius, I'd think he would be a bear-wrestling, mountain hiking Roman Solider. For real.
Amos-- Not sure if I'd use this one, but I'm fascinated by it. A old-testament gem, Amos sounds like it could be the newest name trend.
Thaddeus-- I had never considered this name until I heard it on American Horror Story (The monster baby on Season 1, for AHS fans).
Kaius/Caius-- Love love love love love. One of my all time favorites. It's a Latin name that means rejoice.
Atlas-- I've blogged on this one before. I am dying to meet a little Atlas.
Abraxas-- Like Braxton? This name is a cool alternative. Apparently, it was the name of an Egyptian God. That may bother you, but if it doesn't, this name is really neat.
Maximus-- An awesome alternative to the classic Maxwell.
Tobias-- Another one I'm not a huge fan of personally. Toby seems to be becoming a more recognized nickname, thanks to the Disney show Good Luck Charlie.
Emrys-- A Nameberry favorite, it seems. Pronounced Em-Riss, I can see it becoming popular within the next ten years, no doubt.
That's my roundup of -s ending boy names! Which ones are your favorites? Which ones would you add to my list? I'll be blogging again soon!

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