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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cool names on Class lists vs. Graveyard finds

It's my vacation week, and naturally, I get an obnoxious head cold. I've decided all this week that I'm going to fight the sickness by still doing things I would normally do and so, I went Name Hunting :)
I'm really fascinated by how names nowadays and names back in the early twentieth century are slowly meshing. Not totally, of course, and we know that to be true when we look at little McKinleigh or Lakynn. But names like Addie, Eli, Amelia, Lily, and Oliver are names that are equally as likely to be found in a graveyard, and a Kindergarten classroom. So that being said, I did a mini-study by comparing the names I found cool/interesting on a class list, and names I found cool/interesting on the headstones in the field right next to them:
Class lists
Jonas, Elias, Branch, Augustin, Ezra, Sebastian, Abram, Branson
Natalia, Novalei, Jacqueline, Kenna, Capri, Journey, Corinne
I don't know about you, but the boys names in this list are screaming vintage to me. They look just like something one would find in a graveyard. The girls are a bit more modern, but still interesting and spunky.
Jennings, Rufus, Solomon, Vaughn, Basil, Woodrow, Darcus, Ephram, Wade, Dock, Ellis
Roxie, Wilcie, Hettie, Hallie, Clarinda, Arie, Luthenia, Albia, Cecilia, Leona, Launa, Jane, Ollie, Emma Lou
Call me weird, whatever, but graveyard names are c o o l. I wouldn't use most of those, but I'd love it if someone did use some of them. Imagine meeting a little Jennings in baby Converse and scruffy brown hair.
Anyways, those are my current finds. Hope you enjoy!


Get excited!

I've finally got the guts to do it! I've started my own blog about names. I guess I should begin the way everything should, with an introduction.
My name is Kaitlyn! I'm a college student that lives in the southern part of the United States, and I have all of my life. If I had to pin-point when my love of names started, it was probably the day I was in my local grocery store, and I saw the magazine headline for Nicole Richie's new baby.
Harlow Winter Kate.
That name still gives me chills. (Not really, but I still think this name is breathtakingly beautiful.) I remember leaving the store that day saying over and over to myself "Harlow Winter Kate. Wow."
From there, over time, I snowballed into a true Name Nerd. And low and behold, at some point in 2011, I found Nameberry.
*the skies open up and a choir of angels sing*
I had discovered a community of people who loved names just like me! I could stop annoying/freaking out my parents and friends with all of my deliciously unusual combinations, and I (and they) were glad, I'm sure.
I have lists upon lists of names, and first and middle name combinations, and baby name books on my Kindle. And more importantly, I have parents, friends, and a boyfriend that understand that just because I love names, doesn't mean I'm after a baby WHATSOEVER at this point in my life!
I can't tell you why I love names so much. I think every girl has an inner name nerd; when I mention my names to another one of my girlfriends, their eyes light up, and you can see a little excitement to discuss the names they like. For some reason, the Name germ colonized in my brain, and spread to the point to where I had to find an outlet!
And thus, here it is :) I hope you guys enjoy it!