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Monday, August 18, 2014

Odd but sweet girl names: Ismay & Snow

I'm drawn to girl names that are odd and whimsical, yet so sweet sounding. Here are a few:
Lavender-- A very uncommon nature name that some of you may remember from Harry Potter's Lavender Brown. It goes along with the -er ending name trend. This may be a litttttle too unusual for some parents' taste but I think it makes for a wonderful middle.
Jessamine-- Like Jasmine, but way less common and I think sweeter. The nickname Jessa has a modern flare to it, like a made-over Jessica.
Galilee-- I'm really drawn to this name. It's a biblical place name that gets little to no recognition, and it has the sweet nickname Lilee.
Perri-- I suppose this could go for either gender, but I think it's so sweet on a girl. I've only seen this as a middle on a girl.
Verona-- I heard of this as a name when I saw a few people speculating about what Pete Wentz and Megan Camper's baby will be named. Verona is a place name, and would suit the quirkiness of this couple, and match with big brother Bronx's place name. It also has the nickname possibility of Vera.
Snow-- One of these that I dislike as a first name, but would love to see in the middle. It just doesn't feel... complete enough, I guess. You can't help but conjure up images of the sweet Snow White, though.
Channing-- I know a very sweet girl by this name so maybe I'm biased. Again, I know this could go for either gender but I really like it on a girl.
Sunday-- I've always been a fan of Keith Urban's eldest daughter's name. Sunday Rose. How pure and innocent is that?
Amity-- I saw a little girl named this on Hello My Name Is Pabst (the link to that is to the right of this post). My association is with Amityville Horror so I'm unsure if I'd use it, but I really like the meaning. The more I say it, the more I like it.
Ismay-- Yes Esme is sweet too, but I like it's uncommon twin sister Ismay better. Like Isabella May, but more adorable and less popular.
Loretta-- I think of one of Sarah Jessica Parker's twins. Etta is the most obvious nickname option.
That's it readers! Tomorrow is Baby Face Tuesday, DON'T FORGET TO READ IT! The little girl I'm featuring has one of my favorite name combinations I've ever heard. If I could name-nap it, I would... ;) Happy Monday!


  1. I adore the name Perri. I had actually considered that name when I was pregnant with Bryson (if he were a girl). I know a woman named Perri and I think it is a unique and pretty name. It was also my other grandpa's name.

  2. Perri Corbin. :) How sweet would that be? It really use unique and if Mary is popular, I think Perri has potential too!