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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seriously underused names that are unexplainably not popular: Lilac & Lachlan & more

There are a handful of names that I like, some of which that all of the Nameberry community seems to like, and yet the real world seems to have no clue they exist. I'm talking about these gorgeous underused names, that are familiar, yet unique. (To America, anyway.)
Without further delay, I'll start this list!
Charlize-- A very cute, more formal alternative to Charlie and Charlotte. This is worn by the South African actress Charlize Theron, who is familiar to Americans. It sits on the charts at #881 which is totally surprising to me.
Lula-- Told you I'd be talking about this one! It's one of my favorites. In my area, I know babies named Layla, Leila, Lila, and Lola. Why not Lula? It logically follows trend-wise in that pattern! I'm secretly glad no one has used it in my area yet though. Maybe one day I can convince Brad of it!
Isadora-- An alternative to Isabella, which sits on the popularity charts at #4 in 2013.
Sebella-- Speaking of alternatives to Isabella... How about this one, which is pretty much the same name, yet not even close to breaking the top 1000 names?
Lilac-- Another alternative to Lila, and follows the trend of flower/nature names. I'd never personally use it, but I'd love to meet a little Lilac.
Tamzin-- I was going to put Taryn on this list... But I've been watching a LOT of the Tudors on Netflix, and the actress who played Catherine Howard was named Tamzin, and so I'm listing that one instead! Apparently this same actress played on Game of Thrones for a brief period. That could slightly effect it's popularity, but I doubt it.
Bellamy-- Once again, another alternative to the -Bella names! (You must think I hate the -bella names. I really don't, there are just so many awesome alternatives. :P ) This is a surname-name, which could be appealing to all of the people that have been liking Elliot, Emerson, and Ellison for girls lately.
Maisy-- Like Daisy, and Macey mushed together and made a wonderfully underused name. This name is quite a bit more recognized in other countries like England than it is in America!
Calder-- One of my favorites. It's an English name that means "rocky waters." It's so handsome to me.
Lachlan-- America just recently started showing this name some love, when it broke through the top 1000 last year at 991. For people unfamiliar with this name, it's pronounced "Lock-lin." In Australia, the name sits high on the charts at Number 3. The people down under discovered this name way before us, sorry America!
Jenson-- Another surname that I'm surprised hasn't been tapped into.
Merrick-- Like Derrick, but softer.
Ansel-- I recently met a little boy with this as his middle name, and I was so pleasantly surprised! I'd never use it personally, but I'm so glad someone did.
Adler-- Now this one I do not understand. It's got that trendy -er ending that everyone seems to like (especially me). It's a German name that means "eagle." HOW COOL IS THAT? I think this is one of the coolest of names out there.
Dresden-- Speaking of Germany, this name is a place in Germany. I used to dislike this name, but it's growing on me.
Atlas-- I first discovered this one when looking through birth announcements awhile back and seeing a baby boy named Theo Atlas. *swoon. How could a name get anymore perfect? I'd prefer to see Atlas in the middle spot, but I couldn't complain if I met a little boy with this as a first name.


  1. I love a lot of these! I actually know a little Charlize, who has a younger sister named Georgia :) I think I'd likely squeal in delight if I ever met a little Lula, Lachlan, Lilac or Maisy :p

  2. Charlize and Georgia! How perfect! I feel the same way :)