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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best names in the Top 100 in England: Francesca & Finley || Kian and Keira

Today, I'm looking at the Brits for my naming inspiration. I looked at the top 100, and these were my favorite names out of those:

Amelia-- So sweet. This name is the number one most popular name in England. It's is the English equivalent of our Sophia.
Evie-- Now is a good time to point out to the non-Name Nerds that nickname-y names are WAY more popular in England than they are here, which will explain to you why Evie is #11. To see these kinds of differences in trends in the Top 100 charts in the USA and in England humors me.
Lola-- Whyyyy isn't this name more popular here? In 2013, Lola ranked #214 in the States. I think it's only a matter of time before this spunky name makes its way up the charts. She's dramatic, and is full of feminine flare and attitude. What's not to love about Lola?
Phoebe-- This name has the same feel to me as Sophia; That strong yet soft F sound, both names are Greek, and they both have great meanings. Sophia means "wisdom" and Phoebe means "radiant, shining one."
Imogen-- This one is definitely not as popular in the United States. Honestly, I don't see the appeal of this like some people do. I just think this name looks awkward on paper. I included it on this countdown, though, because I know that my opinion isn't the only one, plus I'm simply fascinated that it's in the top 50 there, but not even in the top 1000 here.
Skye-- I remember telling my cousin when I was like seven years old "I wanna name my daughter Breanna Skye." She told me "You'll change your mind by the time you'll have a baby!" I said "I will not!!" in typical, stubborn seven year old fashion. But I've always been attracted to the name Skye. I love that England is appreciating it like I do.
Ivy-- America is catching up to England with this name. Ivy only has 48 more spots to go up the chart until it breaks our top 100.
Francesca-- I've discussed my love of Francesca before in my Guilty Pleasure post. I have a feeling the nick-name loving Brits use the nickname Frankie more than Americans do though. Minus Drew Berrymore, with her new baby girl, Frankie.
Keira-- This name isn't quite in our top 200. It's a beautiful Irish name, and I know a very sweet little girl that bears it.

Charlie-- I looooove Charlie on a little boy lately. Especially with a rugged, really cool middle. (Here's looking at you, Charlie West Arquette. I'm a bit obsessed with your name right now.)
Finley-- Again, LOVING this on a little boy. It's original spelling, Finlay, sits in the top 100 as well at number 82.
Theo-- Thank you, England for showing Theo some love. It's well-deserved.
Jenson-- I was really interested to see Jenson on the charts at #55 in England. It's not even broke the top 100 here. But after doing a little bit of digging, it's the name of a famous race car driver over there, so that could have something to do with it.
Luca-- Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have brought this name to light the past couple of years with their sweet Luca. It's a less popular alternative to Luke and Lucas, both of which are in the top 100 here.
Dexter-- Another surprising name in the top 100. I think it's a clunky-cool name, but I find it hard to picture on a teenager.
Hugo-- Another one of those -o ending boy names that I love. I'd never personally use it, though. I'm much more keen on my Guilty Pleasure, Jago. :)
Kian-- I've heard of different ways to pronounce this, but my favorite way that I've heard is Key-an. Like Keegan, sans the G. Eh, who knows.
Rhys-- Americans know this better as Reese/Reece. I've found on Nameberry that non-American Berries tend to really prefer this spelling over the Reese/Reece. I like both.

That's a sample of the British Top 100. Not sure what exactly I'll write on tomorrow, but you can bet it'll be out of respect for some popular names, somewhere on the globe. Guess you'll have to read to find out. :) Have a great day tomorrow!

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