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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Gabriel

This Tuesday, the blog is featuring this cutie:
Gabriel Christian
His Name Story:
"The week after my husband and I met we had a discussion about what we would name our children. The only name we could agree on was
Gabriel Christian. We both loved the name Gabriel. We loved the meaning and its biblical ties. The only two Gabriels I had known (my husband knew one of the two) were both kind, generous, good men. They both exhibited traits I would want a son to have and so instead of the usual dislike by association I usually get with names, I had an even stronger affinity for the name because of my positive associations with it. Christian is my husband's middle name. A name that has been passed down in his family. It was also my great grandfather's middle name. Because of the family history and the lovely flow of the two together, we decided that a boy would definitely be named Gabriel Christian. (I never knew how popular Gabriel was because we choose it so long ago and since it was so definite I never even looked at boys names when I was pregnant with him. I'm glad I didn't because it might have changed my mind and he definitely couldn't be anything else.)"
His "almost name": He had none! His mama and daddy always knew he would be a Gabriel.
What his name would have been if he had been the opposite gender: Evangeline Marie
His sibling(s) name(s): "We are currently pregnant with baby boy number two. We can't agree on the name and Gabe does get an opinion also. We have however selected a top three to take to the hospital: Atticus, Emrys, and Sebastian. As for a middle, either we will pick a middle from the top three or it will be Arthur my grandfather's middle name. I like the idea of using a family name for the middle like we did with Gabe. On the other hand this will be our last child and our last chance to use names we really love. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks. 10 weeks to go!"
I can't wait to find out what Gabe's little brother's name will be! I will post an update when the little guy is born. That's all for Baby Face Tuesday guys! Happy almost-Wednesday :)

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