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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Patrick & Miss Mary

This Tuesday, I've got two siblings to feature with some very precious, classic family names:

Patrick Werner
"Since I picked out our daughter's name and informed my husband of it before we even got engaged he agreed only if we named our first son Patrick, which is my husband's middle name. I immediately loved the name and when we had a boy first there was no question that his first name would be Patrick. We had discussed a lot of options for middle names. Although there are some other names that I think sound better with it we decided to pick a family name for the middle spot. We chose my husband's grandfather's first name because he is somebody we both respected and who wasn't in the best of health and we thought it might be something that would help lift his spirits."

Mary Claire
"We actually picked her name first or more I picked it first. My mother passed away when I was eight years old and shortly afterwards I decided that I wanted to name my first daughter after her using both her first and middle names. When my husband and I were dating and starting to become serious I made him promise that our daughter's given name would be Mary Claire although I was somewhat flexible with how she was referred to and would have done a nickname (Molly) or called her by her middle name if that's what it took. He agreed to it and when we found out our second child was going to be a girl we already had the perfect name for her. We had planned on calling her Mary Claire using both her names and referred to our future daughter as such before I was actually pregnant with her. But for some reason we felt like Mary fit her better before she was actually born and only a few relatives call her Mary Claire. My sweet daughter has my mother's easy going personality and although the name choice was entirely based on honoring my mother the name fits her perfectly."
Of alllll the trendy/off-the-wall names I love dearly, it's always refreshing to hear a classic name, especially one with meaning behind it. A big thank you to Patrick and Mary's mama for letting me feature them this week!

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