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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The first ever #selfiesunday post

As I posted on my Instagram, every Sunday I'll be doing a #selfiesunday post to take a break from names (just in case I ever actually need one ;) ) I'll be posting about my personal life, ranting about things, whatever. For this post, I'm gonna keep it pretty generic and give you guys an informal, cutesy kind of introduction of me (that's unrelated to names) by listing my favorite things off the top of my head, and my least favorite things/things that bother me. 
Aaaaand, Go:

Bradley/Men who have beards/Redheads
Sweet Tea
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Betty White
The Beach
90s music
or anything Nsync, really
My Sharpie Collection
Michael's (The most glorious of all craft stores)
Dumb and Dumber
And the sequel to it coming out November 14th
I may or may not be counting down ^ ^
Hunter Boots
Mainly just shoes in general <3
My monogram on as many things as possible
Origami Owl

Me and the gingery man at the top of my list

A little Nsync humor for you guys

And as for my least favorite things:

Not having white teeth. I have all kinds of whitening stuff for my teeth and I know it's terrible for them but... I just have a pet peeve about it
People that have selfies for 90% of their Instagram pictures
Math *gags
Violent movies. I shield my eyes for most of it
Seriously who wants to watch a man get his guts gauged out in their spare time
Come on, Humans, we're better than that
That concept is so Medieval anyway
People that go WAY too fast in their relationships (especially when it comes to sex) and then are confused as to why they don't work out
I'm just saying, good things take time, in every part of life
I have battled bacteria way too much this summer
People that are always negative
When my sheets get un-tucked
I'll wake up from a dead sleep to get up and fix them
I'm not joking

Okay, that's my first #selfiesunday post! Hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll be posting about names a little later today, I have some more graveyard finds for you guys. I'm going to go relax on this gorgeous day of rest. Talk to you guys soon!

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