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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friends' favorites and the stories behind them.

I decided to get my friends in on this whole blog-gig and ask them their favorite names, and if they could, give me the details behind why they like the name. I LOVE to hear Name Stories. How people got their name, or the inspiration behind a name. I think it's because my mom didn't really have a reason behind my name, and I always kind of wished there was.
So, here they are. My friends, their favorites, and the details behind them.
Oh and I tried to find the most ridiculous picture of them to post with it as well. You're welcome guys! :)
"I like Lucinda, which honors my mom, and I've always liked Cameron for a boy."
 "My boyfriend and I once randomly thought up what each other's names should've been: Sampson and Iris. Those are wonderful. And I love Piper, and Sage, and Conway Twitty."



 "I love Valley as a nickname for Valerie because that's my harp teacher's name and I love her. And I think Jett is a cute boy name."

 "I love Miller Cole, because it's the only name my boyfriend has ever approved of and because they are two last names of players on his favorite basketball team. Jericho is my all time favorite name. It's biblical and I think it sounds strong and manly. Oliver- Ollie for short, I love because I met a special needs boy in a class I volunteered in with this name and he was adorable. And I like Shayli Brynn- Shay for short."

 "Avalee Jane, because my Papaw's name was Lee and that's why my name is spelled weird., and I'm really inspired by Jane Goodall because she's your basic backseat badass. And boys are yucky so I don't have a boy name."

"I like Brynleigh Elaine for a girl, because Elaine is my grandmother's name, and I like Brady Robert for a boy, because Robert is my grandfather's name. Andddd I hope they are twins, because Brady and Brynleigh would be the cutest twin names. I'm not sure of the spelling of Brynleigh though... It's a work in progress."
"Axle and Halen are my favorites. And Presley is a bitchin' middle name."
And now that I used the worst pictures I could find of my friends, here are some of the best ones, just to be fair :) Thank you guys for dealing with me and my Naming hobby all the time!


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