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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The best french names, in my humble opinion.

I know, I know I've posted three times today. I'm just a little bit excited, and a whole lot bored. So, this post is for Olivia, because she was the one who recommended it. :)
Let me throw this disclaimer out there: I am by NO means a name expert. I know of a lot of names, but I don't know meanings and origins and all that jazz. So if you're reading this, and you think to yourself "That's not what I thought the meaning/nationality of the name was!" then feel free to comment on your knowledge of the name. I encourage that, because you'd be enlightening us all. I'm super impressed with those Name Nerds that can pop off the meaning of a name in a heart beat (and I applaud all of you) but I most certainly am not one of you.

So here we go!



Abella- This was the first one I found in my search. It means "breath" and when I first saw it, it took mine away! (Okay so that's a hyperbole but you get the point.) This is a very cute alternative to the very popular Isabella, and Bella.

Amelie- I see this one on Nameberry often. Pronounced Ah-muh-lee, this is a cute and less popular alternative in America to Amelia.

Adele/Adelle- After the beautiful, inspirational singer.

Blanche- I'd never use this. But it's my favorite because of Golden Girls, so it had to be included.

Cosette- Very Les Miserables. I'm all about a good musical so this one was a given for me.

Elodie- Like Melody, minus the M. It means "foreign riches."

Eloise- Probably my favorite on this list! It's nothing less than adorable. I'd love to meet a little Eloise.

Margaux- This name is a French version of Margaret, and it means daisy. Other spellings could be Margot, and Margo, but this way gives it a bit of French flair.

Soleil- To people unfamiliar with this name, it's pronounced So-lay. It's the French word for sun. Soleil Moon Fry is an actress in the United States, which makes the name a little bit more familiar to people on the western side of the world. This would make for an unexpected and sophisticated middle name.

Vivienne-  It's SO beautiful, and thanks to Brad and Angelina's youngest daughter, it's becoming more and more popular in the United States.


Bastien- Means Revered. A cute alternative to Sebastian.

Beau- The French word for handsome. And it very much is. I didn't like this name, until I was in a restaurant one time, and a little boy with shaggy blonde hair came running in with a superhero backpack on, and embroidered on it was "Beau" and it totally fit him.

Dashiell- A French word for "page boy." How adorable is the nickname Dash?

Hugo- Not sure if this is of French origin, but it's the surname of the author of Les Mis, Victor Hugo, and from what I gather it's gaining a lot of recognition in France.

Jules- Means "youthful."

Marvel- I found this as a middle name in one of my Name Hunts one time. I feel like a boy wearing this name would be a handful!

Rousseau- I had to include this because it means "red-haired."

Olivier- Some of you may know this as Halle Berry's husband, a French actor.

There you have it! I swear, I'm done posting for today. Talk to you later guys!

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