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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Trendy" names that Name Nerds should give a chance: Kiley, Kellan, and more.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I saw Name Nerd put down a "trendy" name.
...But really.
What I find interesting about the Name Nerd World, is that I have seen WAY more people put down on "trendy" names rather than "popular" names. Many a Name Nerd has coveted Olivia, yet trash talked Kylie. Yet... Olivia is technically a lot more popular according to the charts. I think the answer to why this is, is found in the true measure of what a popular name is (which if you go to my blog archive on the side bar over there, you can find the link to where I blogged about this particular subject.) -------->
I could go on and on about this rant, but I won't. I'm just going to type up my thoughts about a few trendy names that I think are rather great:
Hayden-- This could be for a boy too, but I like it on a girl specifically. There's something about Hayden that is different from the other -Ayden names. Not sure if I'd use it... but I do think it's charming for both genders.
Kiley-- This is the spelling I like of this name. I do tend to like names with a hard "I" sound (Violet, Skye, Ryker, Lila, etc.) It's a very sweet name, in my opinion.
Adalyn-- It seems like no one on Nameberry likes the -lyn ending names even a little bit and it hurts my feelings.... just kidding. But seriously, what's wrong with -lyn names?!
Paisley-- This has been dubbed as trendy, and it used to be one of my favorite names. I only like this spelling though, since it's a word name I think it should stay spelled the same.
Brielle/Briella-- This is purely beautiful to me.
Aria-- I can see how this would be labeled as "trendy." I see little Arias everywhere it seems! But for good reason: it's beautiful, and has a beautiful meaning.
Bentley-- Lots of Bentleys lately. Yes, it is after a car, and yes the trend started from Teen Mom, however I can see the appeal. Benjamin is a classic name and Bentley provided moms with a way of getting to that "Ben" sound without using Benjamin.
Jace/Jase-- Another teen mom name. It's a modern spin on Jason. Short, simple, and has the strong "Jay" sound that our English language seems to love. (Jaden, Jason, James, just to name a few.)
Finn-- Hate to say it, but Finn has turned into a trend. (I kind of rhymed there!) I adore Finn, and really don't care how many people use it, it's still way cool.
Jax-- Bradley wants this as a middle for our son. It's not my favorite so I'm not letting it happen, but I think Jax is adorable.
Kellan-- I adore Kellan. And I only know of one. I don't think it deserves the "trendy" label just yet.
Hudson-- -Son ending names are hot right now for boys. Hudson will be the new Mason, I think.
These names are all trendy by definition and there isn't any denying it. But, there is a reason; There is something that tons of parents see in these names, and I say that it's not a bad thing. I like to blog about "unique" and "unusual" names... but I also like to be an advocate for the names that don't get much recognition. These trendy names have loveable qualities about them, and I'm celebrating them today. :)
Just something to mull over as we head into the weekend. Happy Thursday guys!

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