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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing Baby Face Tuesday-- Mr. Lawson

I am really excited about this new segment of the blog-- Every Tuesday, I'll be featuring a baby, their name, and their name story/the inspiration behind their name. I love to hear unique names, and how a child got that name and I know other name nerds like me do too.  And so the very first baby I'm featuring on Baby Face Tuesday, is my very own baby cousin:
Lawson Ryder

"Lawson was named after his great-grandfather, Lawson Robert, who was a World War II veteran. As far as his middle name goes, his daddy came up with Ryder after he heard it on TV."
His "almost" name(s): Lawson Elijah
His name if he had been a girl: Isla Kathleen
Sibling(s) name(s): Marissa Kristen
Me and the Law-man himself :)
Please ignore how rough I look!

If you want your babe featured on Baby Face Tuesday, comment below, or let me know on Facebook / Instagram / Nameberry!

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