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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birth Announcements 1/20/15: Simon, Sloan, Sailor, Stella, and more.

I haven't done this in awhile, but I love these posts. The things parents come up with to name their children will never cease to amaze me.
*All of these were collected on various hospital websites.*
Delilah Tatum
Adia Willow
Ella Vadalis
Nyla Esther
Quinn Annette
Sailor Ann
Annabell Vivian
Freja Elaine
Minerva Joyce Eden
Alice Evelyn
Stella Orlea
Zenova Sophia
Sydney Roosevelt
Harlowe Lille
Lilly Pearl Angeline
Liberty Ann
Helen Olivia
Mae Tierney
Fiona Landers
Cecilia Rae
Phoenix Jade
Isla Abigail
Nova Juliet
Macie Emma
Anna Winifred
Daisy Vera
Coen Amias
Roman Jeremiah
Royal Elijah
August Edmund
Jack Valentine
Leland Blaine
Elias Reid
Cassius Lee
Rebel Blaze
Oakley Christopher
Mathis Tao
Merritt Dean
Briggs Michael
Landry Joseph
Waylon Paul
Arlo Henry
Fulton Nathaniel
Odin Edward
Finnian Arthur
Bridger Lawrence
Simon Matthias
Oliver Stanford
Norman Magnum
Andon Cruz
Sloan Tyler
Fletcher Maddox
Kaitlyn's favorites: Jack Valentine, Finnian Arthur, Merritt Dean, Nova Juliet, Harlowe Lille, Isla Abigail.
Most unexpected first names: Fulton Nathaniel, Briggs Michael, Adia Willow, Minerva Joyce Eden.
Most unexpected middle names: Magnum, Amias, Roosevelt, Vadalis.
Most unexpected combos: Mathis Tao and Zenova Sophia.
And that's it! Hope you guys have a good week, I'll be back to blog soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

selfiewednesday (because I've missed a few "selfie" posts): Why a long engagement rocks.

A few weeks ago I was at a get together with some of my friends, and we were talking about engagement. One of them, without thinking, said "I just don't want to be one of those girls that have long engagements." It got a little uncomfortable, and it got a lot quieter. When she understood why it got awkward, she apologized for possibly offending me.

But that was my first clue that there is some sort of disapproval among people about long engagements.

The next clue I got from that was yesterday. Bradley introduced me to one of his classmates as his fiancé, and the guy goes "Oh Congrats! When's the date?" I gave him my usual answer to that question: "It won't be for a few years. We have a date in mind, but it would be in 2017." This guy literally laughs out loud, and walks away. I was puzzled, and pissed off.

Both of those recent rude events got me thinking, and now they have me blogging: Long engagements are actually kind of great. (Even if I am a little biased.)

1. We have plenty of time to save for the wedding we really want. I've learned over the past few months that weddings aren't cheap, and the wedding I want will definitely not be. Bradley and I have already started a bank account to save for our wedding/honeymoon. By the time I'm ready to start pumping money into a wedding, I'll have a lot more of it to spare than I would have if we were getting married in like, six months. (And honestly, the thought of planning a wedding in that amount of time freaks me out anyway.)
2. We have plenty of time to figure out what we want for our wedding. Extra time means less stress. I'm getting much more time to really evaluate what I want for my big day. I've heard of people who decide to change colors/themes halfway through planning and that is terrifying to me! When 2017 rolls around, I'll have a game plan and a budget and I'll know my tastes well enough at that point to know exactly what I'm going for.
3. I've got time to work on that wedding boddddd. I'm halfway joking, and halfway serious. ;) I recently got a gym membership with some of my close friends and now I've gotten kind of addicted to it. Hopefully I'll have a sick six pack by 2017. (Or a four-pack. I'll honestly take what I can get.)
4. We get the perks of commitment, without the stresses of marriage. This one is pretty nice, I can't lie. The other night Bradley and I brought home dinner to his place, watched a movie, and got to "play house" for a little while. Then I got to drive home and climb into a bed of my own, and the next morning I got to wake up and only worry about myself, getting ready for my day. Marriage will be a different story; I'll no longer get the luxury of only concerning myself with my life, but I'll have to worry about another person's life, too. Don't get me wrong: I signed up for this. I want to be an intricate part of his life, but I plan on thoroughly enjoying the last few "Me" years I have left.
5. We'll be a lot more prepared for marriage in general. All wedding talk aside, I'm preparing to become one with a person spiritually, emotionally, and let's not forget legally, for the rest of my life. I want to know the ins and outs of what I'm about to get into. I already know that we agree on the very basics of things (finances, religion, politics, etc.) but we still need to cover other things, like when we should buy a house, how to divide up the chores of our household, things like that. One thing IS for sure though... we got the baby names part down. ;)
6. It's none of your business anyway. (Okay, I cheated here. This isn't a reason why it rocks.) This is simply me telling to whom it may concern that the decisions I make for my life don't concern you. I'll get married when I'm ready, and when I want to. Point blank, period.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Names I'm lovin' lately: Blakely, Bertram, and more.

It's been almost a week since my last post! I didn't realize it because I have had so much going on. I've started back to school, and I recently got a gym membership with two of my best friends and we've gone 3 times this week! I actually enjoy working out which is super weird for me, and I'm excited to see some results from it!
Anyway, back to the business: Names.
This post will be a short one because I've got to do some homework. Here are some of the names I've been loving this week:
Blakely-- I think all of this talk of Blake Lively and her baby has made me fond of Blakely lately. I love the thought of Blake for a little girl.
Nola-- I don't think I'd ever use it but I love the idea of it. Bradley's grandpa's name was Nolan, so this would be a cool way to honor him.
Seraphina-- Not usually a fan of elaborate, frilly names, but this one is so exceptional. Fia would be the nickname I would use for it.
Gianna-- Very Italian. It's sassy, and full of life.
Lucienne-- A beautiful, French girl name. Like Seraphina, this isn't my typical style but I think it's so beautiful.
Romy-- The spunkier the girl name, the better, in my opinion. This one busts the spunky scale.
Eliza-- I've never really been fond of Eliza until recently. I saw it on a baby girl, and she wore the name well.
Phineas-- Okay, the spelling is way out there for me. But I met a three year old, redheaded boy at work this week with this name and it was SO CUTE on him! He went by "Finn" of course.
Dash-- Bryan Singer welcomed a baby boy with this first name Dashiell this week. I would be truly surprised if Dashiell/Dash didn't start catching on within the next year.
Julius-- Julius is one of baby Dashiell Singer's middle names (the other is William.) If you can't tell, I love what Bryan Singer named his son!
Bertram-- This is a very vintage name that I could foresee catching on. The only down side is the nickname Bert, because I love the name as a whole.
Jeb-- Here's another vintage name for ya. Don't think I'd ever use it. I would totally use Jedidiah as an alternative to Jeb though!
Cassian-- Doesn't Cassian sound like a little Roman warrior? Love it.
Maceo-- I saw a picture of Halle Berry's adorable baby boy this week, and it got me thinking about his wonderful first name. Maceo feels cultured, different, yet right on trend.
Okay guys, that's it! Sorry for the shortness of this post, but homework awaits! Talk to you guys soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ask Anything Thursday Answers (on a Saturday): 1/3/15

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year! I'm going to get back to the grindstone with some Q & A. :)
"What names are you crushing on right now?"
At the moment? Hmm.. I'd say my current girl name crush is Lillian. Not Lily; Lillian. Lillian just feels so formal and fresh, even though it is rather high on the popularity charts. My current boy name crush is Tate... I've got AHS on the brain. ;)
"Would you pick a family name over a name that you really love? I feel torn."
This is a good question. I think a lot of people are torn on this one. Personally, no, I wouldn't. I think honoring family is a sweet thing to do, but I would never ever use a name that I felt lukewarm about, over a name that I really love. If you don't really love a family name that you feel like you should use, put it in the middle spot. It's the safest way to go. I may even post about creative ways to honor a family member. :) 
"How do you feel about the name Paxton?? Is it getting too popular??"
Paxton is just okay. I've never felt strongly towards the name either way. I do feel like I'm hearing of a lot of baby Paxtons lately.
"Did your fiancé think your baby name hobby was weird?"
I'm sure he did at first, lol. But he's never said anything bad about it, and he's always been really supportive of this weird little quirk of mine.
Alright and that's it guys! I know I haven't been posting #selfiesaturdays/sundays but they are coming, I promise. I'll be posting again soon!