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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birth Announcements 1/20/15: Simon, Sloan, Sailor, Stella, and more.

I haven't done this in awhile, but I love these posts. The things parents come up with to name their children will never cease to amaze me.
*All of these were collected on various hospital websites.*
Delilah Tatum
Adia Willow
Ella Vadalis
Nyla Esther
Quinn Annette
Sailor Ann
Annabell Vivian
Freja Elaine
Minerva Joyce Eden
Alice Evelyn
Stella Orlea
Zenova Sophia
Sydney Roosevelt
Harlowe Lille
Lilly Pearl Angeline
Liberty Ann
Helen Olivia
Mae Tierney
Fiona Landers
Cecilia Rae
Phoenix Jade
Isla Abigail
Nova Juliet
Macie Emma
Anna Winifred
Daisy Vera
Coen Amias
Roman Jeremiah
Royal Elijah
August Edmund
Jack Valentine
Leland Blaine
Elias Reid
Cassius Lee
Rebel Blaze
Oakley Christopher
Mathis Tao
Merritt Dean
Briggs Michael
Landry Joseph
Waylon Paul
Arlo Henry
Fulton Nathaniel
Odin Edward
Finnian Arthur
Bridger Lawrence
Simon Matthias
Oliver Stanford
Norman Magnum
Andon Cruz
Sloan Tyler
Fletcher Maddox
Kaitlyn's favorites: Jack Valentine, Finnian Arthur, Merritt Dean, Nova Juliet, Harlowe Lille, Isla Abigail.
Most unexpected first names: Fulton Nathaniel, Briggs Michael, Adia Willow, Minerva Joyce Eden.
Most unexpected middle names: Magnum, Amias, Roosevelt, Vadalis.
Most unexpected combos: Mathis Tao and Zenova Sophia.
And that's it! Hope you guys have a good week, I'll be back to blog soon!

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