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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ask Anything Thursday Answers (on a Saturday): 1/3/15

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year! I'm going to get back to the grindstone with some Q & A. :)
"What names are you crushing on right now?"
At the moment? Hmm.. I'd say my current girl name crush is Lillian. Not Lily; Lillian. Lillian just feels so formal and fresh, even though it is rather high on the popularity charts. My current boy name crush is Tate... I've got AHS on the brain. ;)
"Would you pick a family name over a name that you really love? I feel torn."
This is a good question. I think a lot of people are torn on this one. Personally, no, I wouldn't. I think honoring family is a sweet thing to do, but I would never ever use a name that I felt lukewarm about, over a name that I really love. If you don't really love a family name that you feel like you should use, put it in the middle spot. It's the safest way to go. I may even post about creative ways to honor a family member. :) 
"How do you feel about the name Paxton?? Is it getting too popular??"
Paxton is just okay. I've never felt strongly towards the name either way. I do feel like I'm hearing of a lot of baby Paxtons lately.
"Did your fiancé think your baby name hobby was weird?"
I'm sure he did at first, lol. But he's never said anything bad about it, and he's always been really supportive of this weird little quirk of mine.
Alright and that's it guys! I know I haven't been posting #selfiesaturdays/sundays but they are coming, I promise. I'll be posting again soon!

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