Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birth Announcements 11/19: Etta Fay, Ellison Kay, Ephrem Oliver & more.

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I do love to see what parents come up with for their children. These birth announcements were all found online, on hospital websites.
I tried to pick a whole bunch of different styles of names this time around:

Hazel Jude
Everley Ruth
Camila Rae
Ellison Kay
Kailani Zetta Ann
Collins Elizabeth
Rosalie June
Hattie Mae
Genevieve Anastasia
Penelope Clara
Olive Isabel
Feather Mae
Piper Lily
Malia Essence-Noel
Eleanora Audrey
Polly Helene
Margaret Drew
Violet Aurora
Phoebe Kate
Etta Fay
Gray Eva Dell
Larkin Violet
Korbin Paul
Phoenix Aaron
Boaz McCheyne
Mac Russell
Ephrem Oliver
Spencer Anderson
Graham Andrew
Solomon Thaddeus
Kellen Malcolm
Maximus Cree
Castiel Franklin
Anderson Maxwell
Reid Graham
Paxson Vale
Reece Porter
Ares Cassius
Jake Boone
Hayes Clifford
Roman Valentine
Sutton Wilson
Knox Emmett

I have to say well done to this group of parents! Such eclectic, fun, unique names.

Preppiest names: Anderson Maxwell & Margaret Drew. I can see these two wearing letters in college, for sure.

Manliest names: Solomon Thaddeus & Maximus Cree are destined to be macho men!

Most feminine names: Genevieve Anastasia & Eleanora Audrey. Such sweet, powerful choices for girl names.

Most Unexpected combos: Jake Boone & Gray Eva Dell.

Most unique first names: Ares Cassius & Feather Mae.

Names to watch: Boaz & Ellison. Biblical names are on the rise; I recently counted 3 biblical boy names that are in the top 100 currently that were NOT ten years ago in 2003. ( And other biblical boy names, such as Gabriel, Isaac, Isaiah, and Luke have slowly crept up in the top 100 since 2003. I predict that Boaz will pull "an Ezra." Ezra is a biblical boy name that has SKYROCKETED in popularity. Boaz is short and strong, like Ezra, and has a similar "z" sound in it. Now, will Boaz skyrocket too? I can't say. But because of recent trends, I feel confident that it'll soon rise in popularity. As far as Ellison goes, by observations are simple. Emerson is becoming popular (thanks to the "Em" sound that Americans seem to love) and now, we are seeing a rise in "El" names (Ella, Ellie, Elliot, etc.) Ellison fits right in with trends, and even has a famous namesake named Ralph, as does Emerson. (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ralph Ellison.) It just fits.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Sena and Miss Luna.

Super excited about featuring these cute babes this Tuesday! Meet:
Sena Aiden

"When we found out we were having a boy as our first child, we were very excited! Naming a boy was pretty hard. When deciding names, there's two factors we need to follow: it has to be unique and also can be used in English and Japanese, since my husband is Japanese. We are also a huge Formula 1 racing fans and I wanted to name my son after our favorite race car driver, Ayrton Senna. I knew I can't use "Ayrton" because it'll be difficult to write in Japanese. So, I used the last name, took out one "n" to make it more masculine and that's how "Sena" came about. Then I added his middle name Aiden after."
What his name would have been if he were a she: Hana
Luna Elise

 "Truth be told, the second time we got pregnant, I prayed and hoped it's a girl!  When we found out she is a girl, the name game started all over again. This time, my husband got to choose her first name, and there was only one name he wanted the most- Luna. She was also born on a full moon, which was perfect! Then, I added her middle name "Elise" after one of my favorite cars."
Her "almost" names: Sophia, Suri, or Hana.
Can you guys just take a second and appreciate this cuteness right here??
Thank you to Sena and Luna's mama Michelle for letting Name Loves feature her adorable kiddos!
That wraps up this Tuesday's Baby Face Tuesday feature, hope you guys are having a great week thus far!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#selfiesunday: What I've been doing + engagement photoshoot sneak peek + wedding deets + more.

Here we are again on another lovely Sunday. I've got my coffee in hand and I'm a happy girl, so I'm ready to get the ball rolling on this blogging thing today.

Well before we talk tying the knot, let me give you a run down on what I've been up to, besides school and work:

This Friday night was a night that I've been waiting for since last December. Seriously, I've been counting down. Anyone wanna take a guess at what I've been waiting for?

.......... Any takers?


Dumb and Dumber is my favorite movie of all time. And last December I found out they were making a sequel, and I was stoked. So I vowed I'd go see it the night of the premiere, and I did and I did NOT regret it! It was so funny that I'm going to see it again tonight! Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey are so hilarious together.

Okay, Dumb and Dumber rave over.

This Saturday, I did something that I've been waiting awhile to do, too. Take engagement photos!

Here are just a few that I snagged from my amazing photographer AKA best friend AKA my maid of honor (which I'll talk about later in this post):






They are mind blowing. They really are. And there are more coming, too! I'll share more when I get them all.

Slightly shifting gears from engagement to weddings, I'll share with you guys all that I can about our wedding.

We still have not set a date. Why? Well, a lot of reasons. It's not like we don't have a clue-- There are two dates in mind, and it's just a matter of which one. The thing is... well... I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life. The only thing I know for sure is that I want Bradley in it. So aside from that, I'm seriously weighing my options. I have several ideas in mind: I'm thinking about speech pathology, teaching middle/high school or being a professor, being an ultrasound technician, and I've even considered a career in women's rights, which would be a true dream come true. All of these careers have serious perks, and serious disadvantages. It gets a little cloudy when I try to sort through them all, and even more so when people try to but in and give me an unsolicited opinion about it. But that's a blog post for another day.
Basically, we can't set a date until I figure out exactly which career path I should take.
But my sweet ginger is so patient about it. He's basically told me: "My job is going to make the money. You do whatever want to, don't worry about money." I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear that from my future husband. I have an amazing support system in him.

However, other decisions have been made.

I chose my maid of honor, who is none other than my best friend Jenni. Any other choice wouldn't have made sense. We have been such good friends for so long, and I couldn't imagine anyone else by my side. I'm kind of holding off on picking other bridesmaids though, for various reasons that I won't disclose here. :P

I've also chosen my colors, which are coral and aqua! I'm super excited about them. They are my favorite colors and have been for years. (Other than pink of course!) Even though my wedding won't be for a little while, I feel good about this choice.
After much discussion, we have decided to open a bank account together to help save for the wedding. Each week we'll contribute to it, and that way, the wedding won't bankrupt us, and we can continue to buy little things along the way.
As far as other big decisions, that's about it. We are between two different places to honeymoon, but I won't get into that. :)

My sweet dog Lacy wanting to get in on the wedding planning too.

I'm well aware that this is the fun part; the few weeks before the wedding, the day of, and the marriage after will be stressful at times, but I know I'm up for the challenge. As I've said before, I'm enjoying this stage of the game. I'm in the process of transforming my heart into that of a wife's. In this process, God has revealed to me how selfish I can be, and marriage is strictly the opposite. It's not give and take, but give and give, on both ends.
Sometimes, I doubt our relationship, as everyone does. But then Bradley says or does something that assures me that the God of the universe brought us together, no question. His patience, his forgiving heart, and his selflessness is a direct reflection of the love that Christ has for us. And that's truly what our union is all about.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Place names you probably haven't considered yet: Sumter, Salem, Sahara, and more.

... Or maybe you have. Regardless, this first set of names are city/country names that don't get as much recognition as their more popular cousins Brooklyn, Paris, and London, Savannah, and many more.
Florence-- Remember this town in Italy? Yeah. It's a vibrant, sassy girl name with a vintage charm about it. Flora is a possible nickname, and of course, so is Flo.
Vienna-- I heard this on a Reality TV show a few years back. I think it's so beautiful.
India-- This name has gotten more recognition since Chris Hemsworth and his wife used it on their daughter.
Berlin-- This has the exact same feel as Brooklyn, so I could see it rising within the next ten years.
France-- I've mentioned this name on my blog before, a few times, I think. I adore it.
Juneau-- June and Juno are rising in popularity... Why not Juneau?
Geneva-- This city in Switzerland has such a pretty name. I mean, it doesn't get much prettier than Geneva.
Rome-- Umm... Hello. Rome is quite possibly the most perfect boy name. It's place name with history, and culture, and it has that short, macho vibe that parents seem to be digging. I am really dumbfounded as to why Rome hasn't caught on. *Rome rant over.*
Portland-- It's a few letters away from Porter, and has the same feel as Ryland.
Charleston-- Looking for a fresher alternative to honor a Charles? Here it is. It's also a gorgeous city in South Carolina.
Dresden-- A city in Germany. I didn't like this name when I first heard it, but it's really grown on me.
Brighton-- This was the name of the son on The Nanny. I've always liked it for both genders.
Memphis-- A place name I talked about a few months ago. I adoreeee this on a little boy.
Salem-- A place name that means "peace."
Of course, these are all strictly cities/towns/countries. Place names expand much farther than this:
Caspian, Hudson, Everest, McKinley, Mariana, and Sahara are also all place names that refer to seas, bays, mountains, deserts and a place in the ocean.
The beautiful Caspian Sea
Since we just celebrated Veteran's day, how about some U.S. fort names:
Benning, Sumter, McClary, Knox, MacArthur.
Depiction of the famous battle at Fort Sumter
And let's not forget biblical place names:
Eden, Shiloh, Canaan, Galilee, Jericho, Zion, some of which I blogged about in my Hebrew names post.


I think we can even take this a step further and talk about very broad place names.
River, Canyon, Ocean, Lake, Harbor, Grove, Bay (although Bay has been nearly ruined by pop-culture's new term "bae." Sigh).
This is what came up when I searched "Bae." Perfect.
If you take anything from this round-up, or this blog as a whole, take this: Think outside the box when it comes to names. A place name for you could be the street you grew up on, or the neighborhood you grew up in, or the place you got engaged, or the place you honeymooned. Place names can be the coolest, most creative, and most meaningful names, and if you pick one that's special to you, you'll love it forever. Promise.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Kinlee

This week's babe to feature is pretty stinkin' adorable, so there's your warning. Not to mention we share the same initials!

Kinlee Brooke

LOL, those big eyes kill me!

"When we found out she was a girl we were shocked but happy!!! We got her name because me and my sister were going through names, she said Kinlee and I instantly fell in love!! Her middle name was suppose to be Faith, but her initials would have been KFC, and that wasn't happing!! So me and Bradley picked Brooke! We love her and her name so much."
Her name if she had been a boy: "We swore we were having a boy, so we picked the name Braydin Micheal Collins out."
Her "almost" name: "It was gonna be Angelina Isabelle Collins for my mom but we decided it was too long."
Thank you so much to Kinlee's mama Rachele for letting me feature her! She is purely adorable, and her name suits her.
That wraps up another Baby Face Tuesday! Hope you guys had a great Veterans Day, and if you haven't yet, thank a Vet!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern Day Disney Channel Names: Ivy, Sonny, Cece and more.

I don't watch the Disney channel much anymore, but I've seen enough to notice that Disney has kept up with the times in the name department. I really am impressed. Here are some of the ones I've noticed:

Good Luck Charlie:
Charlie (of course): I've found this name to be quite popular in my area, but with good reason. It's adorable. I don't see this name slowing in popularity any time soon.
Teddy: Charlie's older sister has a tomboy-ish nickname too, but Teddy definitely isn't as trendy as Charlie. Could Teddy be the next Charlie? I can't say for sure, but I think it has potential.
Toby: I personally am not a fan of Toby, but I know that a lot of people don't feel the way I do. I'm wondering how little Toby could influence the popularity of the name.
Ivy: This is Teddy's best friend's name. Ivy is most definitely rising in popularity. At the beginning of 2014, when the Most Popular Name Charts of 2013 came out, I was surprised at the popularity of Ivy, who sits at #152. I hadn't heard of any baby Ivys, but now I know of several.
Emmett-- Brother P.J.'s best friend. Emmett is such a sweet, stylish choice for a boy name.
ANT Farm:
Chyna-- Granted, this is the actual actress' name. It's a modern place-name choice for a character.
Olive-- Another rising star in the baby name world. Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore have chosen this for their baby girls, and it seems to be a fresher alternative to the mega-popular Olivia.
Fletcher-- I first heard this name on Liar, Liar, but it has been given new life by the preteen artistic genius on Ant Farm. Fletcher would fit right in with all of the Tuckers, Ashers, and Ryders being born nowadays.
Paisley-- No question about the trendy factor of this name, and it gets a lot of hate in the Name Nerd community for it, but I find it rather sweet.
Shake It Up:
Cece-- Nickname names are all the rage in England, and I think we'll catch on to this trend... just not quite as much as the Brits have.
Rocky Blue-- Disney must have a thing for boyish nicknames on girls. I'm not complaining.
Flynn-- Here's another rising star in the name world that Disney picked up on. Thanks to Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's baby boy, Flynn continues to rise.
So Random!:
Sonny-- This is Demi Lovato's character. I feel like this is a very boy-ish name, but then again, Disney apparently likes those kinds of names for girls.
Nico-- A very stylish choice, although it's not my style.
Zora-- Cora... Nora... This one seems to fit right in.
Grady-- I love Grady. It's a vintage gem that needs to be brought back.
Crash and Bernstein:
Wyatt-- I think this name will stay on the boy's side, despite Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis using this on their daughter.
Cleo-- Remember that "O" ending I talked about a few names ago? Here it is again! Cleo is a name that I get the appeal of, but I just can't make myself like it.
Jasmine-- Jasmine has such a soft, pretty sound. I do find this a bit too Disney-princess, though.

And that's all I've got for you! Tomorrow we'll be back to doing a Baby Face Tuesday Feature! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

#selfiesunday: Things I've learned about blogging since I began.

This blog has been up and running for a little over three months now. I went into it thinking that I'd just begin and get a lot of views automatically, and I figured out quickly that simply sharing it with my Facebook friends once isn't enough. It's taught me a lot:
My writing skills have significantly improved. I actually feel even more comfortable with writing papers than I was before. I've always felt like writing came somewhat easy to me, and I say that with the utmost humility. I can remember enjoying writing even in elementary school, and since I started this blog, and I've been writing a few posts a week. I think I'm really honing this craft of mine, and getting better every day, which can only help me in college, and well, the rest of my life.
It's not always fun, or glamorous. I imagine popular internet bloggers sitting by their computer, sipping on creamy coffee from mugs with cute sayings on them, with the morning light streaming into their pretty suburban offices that look like their Pinterest boards brought to life. Blogging is not like that (most of the time anyway). Like right now, I'm in the living room with my parents, trying to block out the obnoxious blur of sound coming from the television because I'm too cozy wrapped up in these blankets to get up and move to my little office space.
 A lot of the time it's a discipline to post; it'is the act of me dying to the self that wants to binge on Netflix, but rather posting instead because I do want this blog to be a success, even if it's success at a small level, and I know that the only way it will be is if I continue to post regularly.
And by the way, posts do not come easily all the time. Sometimes a post idea just smacks me in the face, and sometimes I have to think, and think. There are actually about 5 drafts of posts that I've halfway completed that I either can't decide if I like them, or I'm saving them for a day where I literally have not one clue what I'm going to write about. I've learned that it's not always best to do a post just in one sitting, but to type some of it in the morning, some of it in the afternoon, and edit and format it at night.
In order for me to keep this blog interesting, informative, and fun, I have to get creative. I've got a tonnnn of new ideas for the blog that I'm sifting through. It can be a little difficult to judge the good ideas from the "ehh" ideas, but I'm working on it.
Aside from creative, I also have to be a little brave. This may sound silly, because I am, in fact, just sitting in front of a computer screen, but I'll let you in on a secret: I'm not the most extroverted person in the world. I'm talkative to those that I know, and I'm polite to strangers, but it's hard for me to have a legitimate, genuine conversation with a someone that I don't know very well. It makes me nervous. So when I have to go out on a limb, and talk to other bloggers and moms of kids I want to feature, I do get a little anxious, and doubtful. But the desire that I have for Name Loves to be successful helps me to push past that anxiety and take a chance to get what I want.
Probably the most valuable and precious thing that I've learned is just how supportive and encouraging people are. I was very hesitant on starting Name Loves. I knew I could do it, but I was afraid of the people in my community thinking it was a little weird that I love names (and I'm sure some people do.) But the most supportive and encouraging people are from my community! People that I never would have guessed would ever see my blog, are the very ones that have given me the best compliments on it. There are actually two babies that I know of that my blog has had an influence in naming and that is totally crazy to me! I'm so lucky to be able to share what I love to do with people.
That concludes my #selfiesunday post this week! I'll be back to naming tomorrow, hopefully, if my homework load is light. Have a great week guys!