Thursday, October 23, 2014

Name Loves this week: Candler, Callaway, Claire and more.

I really enjoy doing these Name Loves posts, and cataloging my ever-evolving style in names. So here you go, these are my name crushes this week:



Isabeau-- Such a sweet alternative to Isabel/Isabella. And as masculine as the nickname is... I've been really crushing heard on Beau as a nickname for a girl... Can't help it!

Calloway/Callaway-- Callie/Cally is the obvious nickname here. Calla would be cute too. I just love the way this name rolls off the tongue.

France-- I follow someone on Instagram with a daughter named France. I quite like it, and it feels fresh. Wait... did I put this in my F name post? I hope so!

Navy-- I love this color name for a little girl. It's so spunky, and I'd like to see it paired with something feminine, like Navy Juliette, or Navy Seraphina. 

Amabel-- I've always loved Annabel, but recently I've started falling for it's wonderful alternative.

Alouette-- One of my favorite combos used to be Mia Alouette. Alouette means "lark" in French. How beautiful? Possible nicknames could be Ally, Lulu, or Etta.

Claire-- I've obviously loved this name since I was little, (my dog's name is Lacy Claire) and I don't think I'll ever stop. Claire is quite the popular name, but it's no wonder. It's got a beautifully simplistic sound.

Maple-- I feel the same way about Maple as I do Fable. It might be a little off the wall, but it's got such a sweet sound. Don't think I'd ever have the guts to use it though.


Hurley-- This one has been on my brain since I featured it with the -ley/-el boy name post. A little boy with this name is set up for life to be cool, I think.

Noam-- An alternative to the mega-popular Noah, who is the number one most popular boy name in American in 2013. From my understanding, this name is quite popular in Israel.

Candler-- I wouldn't use this name for a certain reason, but I loveeee the way it sounds.

Maxim-- A fresher way to get to the nickname Max.

Rhys-- Oh how I love this name. Americans prefer to spell this name Reece/Reese, and I go back and forth on whether or not I like the Reece/Rhys spelling better.

Atticus-- This is becoming increasingly popular, and I'm starting to warm up to it. I don't think I'd ever use it, but I'll crush on it from afar.

Beckham-- Yes, as in David. It's not like I'm a huge soccer fan or anything, but I think the name just sounds nice.

Asher-- This name is definitely on the rise, at #104 on the charts in 2013, but I have only met one, just this week. It has a beautiful meaning: "happy."

That's it for this week's roundup of awesome names.  Have an awesome Friday everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Bryson

This week's Baby Face Tuesday is pretty special. I've known him for the past (almost) four years. And he's the first ginger to be featured on this blog besides Bradley, and that's pretty special all on it's own... ;)
Bryson Alexander


"Bryson is my grandfather's first name and he was my favorite by far! He was a great man with a huge heart and a love for the Lord. Alexander is Tony's dads name and Tony's brothers middle name. I wanted to be able to give both sides representation. as soon as we found out he was a boy, Bryson was his name. We really didn't have another boy option. Tony liked it and I loved it and my grandpa was tickled to death about it."
If he had been a girl: "Marris Jane. Tony picked that name. Marris is from the great Yankees baseball player, Roger Maris."
Future Sibling names: "I don't know if that name [Marris Jane] still stands if I am ever blessed with a girl. If I am blessed with another boy his name (for now) will be Landry Judson Corbin. I love the name Landry. Judson is Tony's middle name."
Thank you so much to Crystal for sharing Bryson's name story with the blog! And for the record, I think Marris and Landry go perfectly with Bryson. That wraps up another Baby Face Tuesday! Hope you guys are having a great week so far.

Monday, October 20, 2014

F names (for Nikki): Freya, Foster, Fleur and more.

I was talking to my friend Nikki the other day about names and she said she's never heard an F name that she likes, so I'm dedicating this post to her. Maybe she and all of you other readers out there will find a new name love. :) These are my favorite F names out there:
Fia/Fianna-- I adore Fia. It's feels like Sophia and Mia's spinoff, but it is it's own name.
Flannery-- Means redheaded, so naturally I like it.
Fifer-- I see this being the new Harper & Piper in a few years.
Faye-- This name isn't shown enough love.
Fern-- I think this name could be the new Wren in a few years.
Fallon/Fallyn-- This is technically unisex but I much prefer it on a girl.
Fleur-- A French name that means flower.
Fable-- One of my top contenders for a future middle name.
Finn/Finley-- The most popular F name for boys on this list, especially in England.
Fielder-- Found this one in a book. Loooove Fielder.
Felix-- I've actually never been a fan of this one. But everyone else seems to, so I thought it should be included on this list.
Falco-- Never heard of this and found it on my search for F names. Interesting.
Foster-- A recent name love of mine. I think it's an adorable vintage choice for a boy.
Fitzgerald-- After the wonderful author of the Great Gatsby.
That's all I've got for today! Hope your Monday isn't too terrible. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#selfiesunday: The things that will make my future husband a good one.

I have SO many ideas for future #selfiesunday posts. So many. But today this one feels appropriate for today.
Before I begin this list, I'll give you a brief bit about mine and Bradley's history. Our love story did not start out sappy; we kind of stumbled upon one another, and we were all like: "Okay. This is good." Our communication skills also kind of sucked for the first 6 months, and that didn't help. But somehow we made our way through the awkward forest, and ended up on this beautiful paradise of a relationship.
I have to tell you that I didn't just agree to marry Bradley because the moment was just right. That "YES!" that I said a few weeks ago was built up to by countless discussions and observations, on both of our parts. (We are both pretty practical people, most of the time.)
So here are some of the reasons why my future husband will be a good one.
  • We agree on the basics. That we want to go to church, how frequently we want to go, how to raise/discipline children, how to share our money, how far away we are willing to move, to rent or to own, all of that good, boring, necessary stuff. If you don't agree on any of the above things, you could have a tough road ahead of you, and I've learned that by watching other married couples struggle.
  • He has specific, legitimate goals. I tease him about how much he plays Xbox, but the truth is that Bradley knows what he wants in life. He decided he wanted to move out and get his own apartment, and he did it within a few months. He's working toward becoming an engineer, he has taken a job that he hopes will further that career. I know that Bradley will never expect me to keep him up. His goals and the work he puts forth to achieve them tell me that he's strong, and capable. I think everyone would agree that those things are important.
  • His patience is boundless. It seems like that, anyway. I know that sometimes I push all the wrong buttons, and I can get a little testy. He is never quick to anger; and he is always, without fail, willing to accept whatever part in the problem that he has ownership of. Which in turn, makes me realize that I need to do the same. This part of him pushes me to be a better person every single day.
  • He listens SO well. He puts my listening skills to shame, daily. This quality is why he is SO good at buying for me for Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, and I feel like I'm scrambling to get a decent gift. He can recall back things that I don't even remember saying when I'm telling stories. When we have a serious discussion, I can see it on his face how he's trying to capture every word that escapes my mouth. I can't tell you how much that means to me, and how I appreciate it. This makes me feel validated, and important.
  • He is sure of himself, in every situation. I can get very insecure, in social situations, specifically. Bradley can talk to anyone, about anything, and not get nervous. Because to the core of his being, he truly doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him. I admire that SO much. I love being with someone that I admire.
Those are 5 of the most important reasons, but I could go on and on with the little things. I really do love that ginger, for everything that he is, and for the standards he's set for other relationships in my life. And for the beard, of course...

Happy Sunday... hope everyone has a good week, and I'll be back to naming regularly soon... I promise. :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

In search of kiddos to feature for Baby Face Tuesday!

Does your child have a story behind how they got their name? I'd love to feature it.
I would need from you:
  •   Your child's first and middle name, and the story behind how you came up with the name.
  • -A picture is optional, but I do encourage it. Just because the purpose of this feature is to put a face to a name. But I would feature your child with or without a picture. Also, some parents have gotten creative and posted pictures of their child from behind, from far away, and have even given me older, less recent photos of their children. 
  •   "Almost" names; Names that you almost used or considered.
  •   What your child would have been named if it were the opposite gender.
  • Sibling names/Potential future sibling names
If you aren't an avid reader of the blog, go over -----> to this side, in my blog archive, and look at the Baby Face Tuesday posts of the past to see some examples.

 Can't wait to feature your sweet kids!
You can contact me via the blog (I have added a contact button on the side bar) or Facebook/Instagram, if you are friends with me/follow me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Face Wednesday (because I have a semi-good reason): Miss Mila and Mr. Cato

I know, I know... I'm hanging my head in shame. BUT my reason for being late this time is... I just started watching American Horror Story on Netflix, and I got hooked. Netflix has a way of doing that to you.
This Tuesday, I am in love with these kids' names:
Mila Arden
Little Mila on the beach
"We chose Mila as it is a prettier short form of the very old-fashioned Spanish name Milagros, meaning miracles. We thought we might not be able to have children so a name derived from miracles seemed very apt. Her middle name Arden means "eagle valley" or "high" - birds have personal significance for me and we also liked the literary association with Shakespeare (the forest of Arden is in As You Like It). My only regret with Mila's first name is that it has skyrocketed in popularity in the five years since we chose it. Otherwise, I still love it!"
Cato Bennett
"My husband is very interested in Roman history and he wanted a Roman name for our son. We chose Cato as it seemed to have a more modern, upbeat sound to it compared to some of the other Roman names... Tiberius and Aurelius come to mind. They would make an odd sibset with Mila! Cato is unusual but still fits in with other names used today like Hugo and Milo. Cato also means "wise" in Latin which we thought was a positive. For us his name was perfect and he became Cato when I found out I was carrying a boy at 19 weeks pregnant - being a tad obsessive over names I never in my life thought I would be able to pick a name so soon! Bennett means blessed and he was given this name for the same reason that we picked Mila. I also love Pride and Prejudice and like that Bennett reminds me of the Bennet family."
Potential future sibling names: "For now we are set on two children but a possible future girl would most likely be Lyra and a boy would be Atlas."
Other tidbits their mama shared with me:
 - I like that both Mila and Cato have four letters, two syllables
- I like that Mila's middle starts with A and Cato's with B and both are two syllables
- I like the link between miracles and blessed
- I like that both middles have literary associations.
And that is the story of how Mila and Cato got their names. A big thank you to their mama for letting me feature her babes! Again, sorry for the delay guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The -ley & -el brothers: Kingsley, Kael, and more.

I introduced you to the -ana & -ora sisters. Now, I would like you to meet the -ley & -el brothers.

I've noticed that there are wayyyy too many people think that most names for boys that end in -ley and -el are girly, and it's simply not true. This is due to the massive trend of girls being named Isabel, Annabel, Hadley, Ansley and more. So today I wanted to show you some awesome boy names that end in -ley and -el:

Bradley-- My own sweet fiancĂ© has this name that ends in -ley. This is one of those -ley names that still are used mainly for boys today. Many -ley names that were once "boy only" names have switched over to the girl side (Like Hadley and Ansley mentioned above, but also Ashley, Bailey, and more.)

Finley/Findley-- I saw this second spelling on a TV show recently. I'm kind of intrigued by it. Finley is hugely popular for little boys in England right now.

Huxley-- As in the author of "A Brave New World." And how cool would the nickname "Hux" be?

Oakley-- A sweet "country boy" name that I don't think I could pull off , but I like to see others make it work.

Riley-- Another one that has sadly gone to the girls over the past few years, although I did recently meet a little boy Riley. I like it for a boy much more than a girl, truthfully.

Kingsley-- If you like Kingston but it's a bit too high up on the charts for you, here is your compromise.

Hurley-- I adore this for a boy. I recently saw a little boy on Instagram with this name, and I'm in love with it now.

Presley-- I see quite a few girls with this name, but never any boys. Why? I think Elvis makes this super wearable for boys as well.
Abel-- A super soft, sweet biblical boy name. I adore the nickname Abe.
Axel-- One letter away from Abel, completely different feel. Axel is a super-macho name.
Lionel-- I didn't like this name until I watched the movie Because I
Said So with Diane Keaton. The little boy in the movie has this name, and he was so cute.
Ezekiel-- Covered this one during the last Baby Face post.
Gabriel-- Aaaand this one was covered in the second-ever Baby Face Post.
Cael/Kael-- This is just another way to spell Cale/Kale, sans the leafy green imagery, if that turns you off to the name.
Marvel-- Now this one, I'll admit, I like on a girl best. Simply because I first paired it with a hyper-feminine name when I fell for it. But I think it could work on either gender quite well.
Satchel-- Mia Farrow and Woody Allen used this name for their now-grown son. He goes by Ronan now, and I'm curious as to why he gave up Satchel in the first place.
My favorites from this pick are Hurley and Kael, and Satchel runs a close second. And obviously Bradley is a name that's close to my heart. ;)
I'll be back on later to post Baby Face Tuesday, don't forget to check back for it!