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Monday, April 6, 2015

Birth Announcements 4/6/15: Clove, Kinnick, Kobain, and more crazy cool choices.

Let me start by saying: Happy Monday everyone! Here we are again with a Birth Announcements post. This week I found some crazy cool choices that parents have used for their kiddos.

*These babies were born between the last birth announcement post, and now. I got these names from various hospital websites.*


Cecelia Nicole
Prudence Quinn
Natalia Esther
Sutton Kathleen
Mattea Rose
Isabelle Song
Everleigh Blue
Syler Marie
Lorelai June
Rosa Beth
Anastasia Hazel
Coraline Elizabeth
Eleanor Willow
Nelle Johanna
Clove Izadora
Esme Lilith
Evelyn Poppy
Artemis Gray
Heidi Elizabeth
Landrie Mae


Jasper Orion
Nolan Reid
Kobain Ivan
Finnigan John
Levi Asa
Liam Knight
Cai Owen
Brooks Easton
Cash James
Wolfgang Von
Phoenix Jeremiah
Sebastian Cruz
Brennan Eames
Kitai Wilson
Eli Luther
Kinnick James
Parker Ambrose
Atticus Grey
Orion Hendrix Matthew
Kaitlyn's favorite combos: Everleigh Blue, Lorelei June, Jasper Orion, Atticus Grey.
Most unexpected first names: Syler, Clove, Kitai, Kinnick.
Most unexpected middle names: Izadora, Lilith, Knight, Von.
Names to watch out for:
Orion- This name is popping up everywhere, it seems, mainly as a middle name choice. People are catching on to the historical appeal, and the similar sound to the crazy-popular Ryan. I expect this name to really take off in popularity in the next few years.
Nelle- If you know name trends at all, you know the "elle" sound is more trendy than ever. Ella, Ellie, Isabella, Annabelle, are all super popular names. It makes sense that Nelle (or Nellie) would be the next step in this mega trend.
That's it for today guys! I've been so busy, but I promise you, I'll be blogging regularly in the near future. This is going to be the hardest, most busy month of my semester, so just bear with me! I plan on doing some sort of evaluation of the Top 100 names of 2014 when the list is released and I'm super excited about that, as I'm sure every Name Nerd is. Anyways, thanks for your patience with my lazy blogging habits. Hope you guys have a good week!

Friday, March 13, 2015

-s ending boy names, the latest trend: Abraxas, Ellis, and more.

Yikes... It's been awhile.
Sorry guys! It's been a busy few weeks. This week I have been on Spring Break, and I've spent most of it getting things done that I need to get done and napping in my ENO hammock. It's been an awesome break, but I've neglected my blogging responsibilities and I apologize.
I've been wanting to post on these names for awhile-- they are my absolute favorite boy names, and I can see them becoming the latest trend.
First there was the -son names. Mason, Jackson, and Hudson rule the popularity charts to this day. Then, we started to see the occupational -er ending names. Tucker, Parker, Ryder have taken their rightful places as princes of the charts. Want to get a step a head of the trend? Go for -s ending boy names.
Elias-- One of the most popular -s ending boy names, and you'd never know it. I don't feel like I've met many little Elias' at all.
Miles/Myles-- I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan, but many people are so I know I should include it in this list.
Silas-- Silas is one of my favorite -s ending names. It's biblical and classic and I just love the sound.
Atticus-- This name is becoming trendy thanks to the recent surge of literary baby names. Atticus may be dubbed as "hipster," but I find it refreshing.
Brooks-- Brooks feels half rugged, half preppy.
Ellis-- Same sound as Elias, but less popular, and very vintage.
Hayes-- A very underused name that's totally usable.
Cassius-- Straight bad-ass. If I met a Cassius, I'd think he would be a bear-wrestling, mountain hiking Roman Solider. For real.
Amos-- Not sure if I'd use this one, but I'm fascinated by it. A old-testament gem, Amos sounds like it could be the newest name trend.
Thaddeus-- I had never considered this name until I heard it on American Horror Story (The monster baby on Season 1, for AHS fans).
Kaius/Caius-- Love love love love love. One of my all time favorites. It's a Latin name that means rejoice.
Atlas-- I've blogged on this one before. I am dying to meet a little Atlas.
Abraxas-- Like Braxton? This name is a cool alternative. Apparently, it was the name of an Egyptian God. That may bother you, but if it doesn't, this name is really neat.
Maximus-- An awesome alternative to the classic Maxwell.
Tobias-- Another one I'm not a huge fan of personally. Toby seems to be becoming a more recognized nickname, thanks to the Disney show Good Luck Charlie.
Emrys-- A Nameberry favorite, it seems. Pronounced Em-Riss, I can see it becoming popular within the next ten years, no doubt.
That's my roundup of -s ending boy names! Which ones are your favorites? Which ones would you add to my list? I'll be blogging again soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birth Announcements 2/18/15: Adabella, Abraham, Abner, Arla, and more.

Here are some of the coolest, most strange and wonderful names I collected from various hospital birth announcements this week.

Ruth Evelynn
Adabella Marie
Evangeline Abigail
Eisley Margaret
Carolyn Rejoice
Lennon Grace
Malia Belle
Lorelei Marion
Acadia Josephine
Everly Monroe
Arla June
Remy Noelle
Cora Dagny
August Grace
Ella Bea
Elise Winter
Teagan Blue
Artemis Rayne
Iris Elizabeth Rae
Azalea Louise
Margaret Wynter
Georgia Faye


Reign Jeters
Khalil Jaxon
Oliver Leif
Emery Breeze
Kingston Adonis Calhoun
Wylee Sullivan
Remington Joseph
Riley Hartford
Damon Rave
Cannen Tyce
Duke James
Milo Tripp
Hollis Kai
Crew Wylie
Berkley Wade
Hezekiah Thomas
Waylon Forest
Abraham Jasper
Lincoln Winfield
Eli Lakeland
Abner Callahan
Smith Jacob

Kaitlyn's favorites: Emery Breeze, Abraham Jasper, Remy Noelle, Eisley Margaret.
Most unexpected first names in a combo: Abner Callahan, Hezekiah Thomas, Artemis Rayne, Acadia Josephine
Most unexpected middle names: Kingston Adonis Calhoun, Reign Jeters, Cora Dagny, Carolyn Rejoice.
What are your favorites from this crop of birth announcements?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Word names that could totally work: For the brave namer only!

Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday, but for some reason it didn't save and I had to start all over! Grrr!
If you read Name Loves regularly, you know I adore word names. I probably look to them for name inspiration than any other kind of name.

Here is a list of word names that seem to fly under the radar, but would make excellent choices for a baby boy or girl:


Which ones are your favorites from this list? Anymore that you'd add?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Strong women in history and the names that honor them: From Charlotte to Coco.

My little feminist self is super excited about this post. Here are some names that are sure to honor these powerful women of our past and present:
Indira Gandhi

Queen Victoria

Ayn Rand

Maya Angelou

Eleanor-- I've done a whole blog post on this name. I admire Eleanor Roosevelt so much.

Victoria-- After the Queen herself. She's the longest reigning queen in England's history and she had an entire era named after her. Talk about powerful.

Coco-- Ms. Chanel revolutionized fashion for women, and famously made "menswear" popular for women.

Rosie-- As in the Riveter. I know, she isn't a real person, but she is pretty iconic.

Charlotte-- Charlotte Bronte was the famous writer of Jane Eyre. Her sisters, who are also famous writers, were named Emily and Anne Bronte.

Margaret-- There are several famous Margarets in history, but Margaret Fuller stands out to me. She wrote the book "Women in the Nineteenth Century" and was important in early feminist movements.

Leola-- I found this interesting tidbit in my research about these names; Leola was the name of the first female traffic cop in 1918.

Sojourner Truth-- An abolitionist preacher and an early advocate for women's rights.

Annie-- Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. If a woman sharpshooter doesn't sound badass, I don't know what does.

Georgia-- A famous American artist, Georgia O'Keeffe is most remembered for her desert scenes.

Lucille-- Remember the show I Love Lucy? That's not the only thing cool about Lucille Ball. She was the first women to own a film studio.

Ayn-- Whether you agree with her ideas or not, Ayn Rand was a brilliant writer and philosopher. I read the book "We The Living" in eleventh grade, and although it was depressing, it was fascinating.

Clara-- Clara Barton was the founder of the Red Cross.

Emmeline-- Mine and Bradley's current front runner for a girl name. Emmeline Pankhurst was a suffragette in England and fought for Women's rights until the day she died.

Indira-- Indira Gandhi was the first woman prime minister of India. (Not related to the Gandhi we all know, FYI)

Amelia-- After Ms. Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo around the Atlantic Ocean.

Frida-- Frida Kahlo was a Mexican Artist in the twentieth century. I went to see an exhibit with her works in it, and it was really beautiful.

Maya-- As in Ms. Angelou, the late and great poet.

Eva-- I watched the musical Evita in eleventh grade, and I loved it. Eva Peron was an advocate for the poor and for women in her country, Argentina.

That's all I've got! Any others you can think of? Comment below. Hope you guys have a great week! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birth Announcements 1/20/15: Simon, Sloan, Sailor, Stella, and more.

I haven't done this in awhile, but I love these posts. The things parents come up with to name their children will never cease to amaze me.
*All of these were collected on various hospital websites.*
Delilah Tatum
Adia Willow
Ella Vadalis
Nyla Esther
Quinn Annette
Sailor Ann
Annabell Vivian
Freja Elaine
Minerva Joyce Eden
Alice Evelyn
Stella Orlea
Zenova Sophia
Sydney Roosevelt
Harlowe Lille
Lilly Pearl Angeline
Liberty Ann
Helen Olivia
Mae Tierney
Fiona Landers
Cecilia Rae
Phoenix Jade
Isla Abigail
Nova Juliet
Macie Emma
Anna Winifred
Daisy Vera
Coen Amias
Roman Jeremiah
Royal Elijah
August Edmund
Jack Valentine
Leland Blaine
Elias Reid
Cassius Lee
Rebel Blaze
Oakley Christopher
Mathis Tao
Merritt Dean
Briggs Michael
Landry Joseph
Waylon Paul
Arlo Henry
Fulton Nathaniel
Odin Edward
Finnian Arthur
Bridger Lawrence
Simon Matthias
Oliver Stanford
Norman Magnum
Andon Cruz
Sloan Tyler
Fletcher Maddox
Kaitlyn's favorites: Jack Valentine, Finnian Arthur, Merritt Dean, Nova Juliet, Harlowe Lille, Isla Abigail.
Most unexpected first names: Fulton Nathaniel, Briggs Michael, Adia Willow, Minerva Joyce Eden.
Most unexpected middle names: Magnum, Amias, Roosevelt, Vadalis.
Most unexpected combos: Mathis Tao and Zenova Sophia.
And that's it! Hope you guys have a good week, I'll be back to blog soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

selfiewednesday (because I've missed a few "selfie" posts): Why a long engagement rocks.

A few weeks ago I was at a get together with some of my friends, and we were talking about engagement. One of them, without thinking, said "I just don't want to be one of those girls that have long engagements." It got a little uncomfortable, and it got a lot quieter. When she understood why it got awkward, she apologized for possibly offending me.

But that was my first clue that there is some sort of disapproval among people about long engagements.

The next clue I got from that was yesterday. Bradley introduced me to one of his classmates as his fiancé, and the guy goes "Oh Congrats! When's the date?" I gave him my usual answer to that question: "It won't be for a few years. We have a date in mind, but it would be in 2017." This guy literally laughs out loud, and walks away. I was puzzled, and pissed off.

Both of those recent rude events got me thinking, and now they have me blogging: Long engagements are actually kind of great. (Even if I am a little biased.)

1. We have plenty of time to save for the wedding we really want. I've learned over the past few months that weddings aren't cheap, and the wedding I want will definitely not be. Bradley and I have already started a bank account to save for our wedding/honeymoon. By the time I'm ready to start pumping money into a wedding, I'll have a lot more of it to spare than I would have if we were getting married in like, six months. (And honestly, the thought of planning a wedding in that amount of time freaks me out anyway.)
2. We have plenty of time to figure out what we want for our wedding. Extra time means less stress. I'm getting much more time to really evaluate what I want for my big day. I've heard of people who decide to change colors/themes halfway through planning and that is terrifying to me! When 2017 rolls around, I'll have a game plan and a budget and I'll know my tastes well enough at that point to know exactly what I'm going for.
3. I've got time to work on that wedding boddddd. I'm halfway joking, and halfway serious. ;) I recently got a gym membership with some of my close friends and now I've gotten kind of addicted to it. Hopefully I'll have a sick six pack by 2017. (Or a four-pack. I'll honestly take what I can get.)
4. We get the perks of commitment, without the stresses of marriage. This one is pretty nice, I can't lie. The other night Bradley and I brought home dinner to his place, watched a movie, and got to "play house" for a little while. Then I got to drive home and climb into a bed of my own, and the next morning I got to wake up and only worry about myself, getting ready for my day. Marriage will be a different story; I'll no longer get the luxury of only concerning myself with my life, but I'll have to worry about another person's life, too. Don't get me wrong: I signed up for this. I want to be an intricate part of his life, but I plan on thoroughly enjoying the last few "Me" years I have left.
5. We'll be a lot more prepared for marriage in general. All wedding talk aside, I'm preparing to become one with a person spiritually, emotionally, and let's not forget legally, for the rest of my life. I want to know the ins and outs of what I'm about to get into. I already know that we agree on the very basics of things (finances, religion, politics, etc.) but we still need to cover other things, like when we should buy a house, how to divide up the chores of our household, things like that. One thing IS for sure though... we got the baby names part down. ;)
6. It's none of your business anyway. (Okay, I cheated here. This isn't a reason why it rocks.) This is simply me telling to whom it may concern that the decisions I make for my life don't concern you. I'll get married when I'm ready, and when I want to. Point blank, period.