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Monday, April 6, 2015

Birth Announcements 4/6/15: Clove, Kinnick, Kobain, and more crazy cool choices.

Let me start by saying: Happy Monday everyone! Here we are again with a Birth Announcements post. This week I found some crazy cool choices that parents have used for their kiddos.

*These babies were born between the last birth announcement post, and now. I got these names from various hospital websites.*


Cecelia Nicole
Prudence Quinn
Natalia Esther
Sutton Kathleen
Mattea Rose
Isabelle Song
Everleigh Blue
Syler Marie
Lorelai June
Rosa Beth
Anastasia Hazel
Coraline Elizabeth
Eleanor Willow
Nelle Johanna
Clove Izadora
Esme Lilith
Evelyn Poppy
Artemis Gray
Heidi Elizabeth
Landrie Mae


Jasper Orion
Nolan Reid
Kobain Ivan
Finnigan John
Levi Asa
Liam Knight
Cai Owen
Brooks Easton
Cash James
Wolfgang Von
Phoenix Jeremiah
Sebastian Cruz
Brennan Eames
Kitai Wilson
Eli Luther
Kinnick James
Parker Ambrose
Atticus Grey
Orion Hendrix Matthew
Kaitlyn's favorite combos: Everleigh Blue, Lorelei June, Jasper Orion, Atticus Grey.
Most unexpected first names: Syler, Clove, Kitai, Kinnick.
Most unexpected middle names: Izadora, Lilith, Knight, Von.
Names to watch out for:
Orion- This name is popping up everywhere, it seems, mainly as a middle name choice. People are catching on to the historical appeal, and the similar sound to the crazy-popular Ryan. I expect this name to really take off in popularity in the next few years.
Nelle- If you know name trends at all, you know the "elle" sound is more trendy than ever. Ella, Ellie, Isabella, Annabelle, are all super popular names. It makes sense that Nelle (or Nellie) would be the next step in this mega trend.
That's it for today guys! I've been so busy, but I promise you, I'll be blogging regularly in the near future. This is going to be the hardest, most busy month of my semester, so just bear with me! I plan on doing some sort of evaluation of the Top 100 names of 2014 when the list is released and I'm super excited about that, as I'm sure every Name Nerd is. Anyways, thanks for your patience with my lazy blogging habits. Hope you guys have a good week!

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