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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cool, unusual biblical/hebrew names: Arion, Amzie, Abiela and more.

I've taken a recent liking to Hebrew names. Their meanings are b-e-a-utiful. (Did you read that in Jim Carey's voice? I hope so.)
I think these names, for the most part, are unique, have a wonderful meaning, and are definitely usable. But I'll let you decide:
Tzipporah/Zipporah-- Oh my gosh. This names just flows off the tongue like honey. Zeh-pour-ah. Oh how I love this name. It was the name of Moses' wife in the bible, and it means "bird."
Canaan-- The name of the promised land in the bible. Another name I've been crushing on, that I'd use for either gender.
Eilah (aka Ayla)-- Eilah is the original spelling, but Ayla is the English- version. It means oak tree.
Selah-- Pronounced "Say-luh." This is one I probably wouldn't use, but I love to see others use it, because it's severely underused, like most of the names on this list.
Shiloh-- I LOVE SHILOH. And always will. It means "place of peace." Doesn't get more beautiful than that. If only my fiancé would let me...
Abiela-- This one looks like a mash-up of Abby and Ella, and it's pronounced like it too, but it actually is a legitimate Hebrew name that means "God is my Father."
Jubilee-- Does this name not make you want to smile? It just gives off the happiest vibes, ever. Props to the brave parents that would use this name.
Talia-- Another one I'd never use, but I love the meaning. "Gentle dew from heaven." Whoaaaa.
Kiriah-- Pronounced "Keer-eye-uh." Means "village." Seems like a really cool, Hebrew alternative to Kira/Keira.
Raya-- Means "friend." One of the more "safe" or "usable" names on this list.
Miriam-- This is the name of Moses' sister in the bible. It means "wished-for child." Isn't that great?
Eliana-- I've blogged about this before, but it fits the bill of this title so I'll blog about it again. It means "my God has answered." That is mind-blowingly beautiful.
Amzie-- From it's longer form Amaziah, meaning "strength." Amzie fits right in with all of the Maceys, Ellies, and Charlies running around.
Asa-- I've crushed on this one for awhile; I kinda have a thing for soft boy names. It means "healer."
Lazarus-- Remember that guy Jesus raised from the dead? His name means "God has helped." Isn't that fitting?
Arion-- This is like the boy version of Aria, meaning "with melody."
Solomon-- The name of the wise king in the bible. It means "peace."
Judah-- Another one I've fallen for. Jude seems to be catching on, but his brother Judah doesn't get the same recognition that he does. It means "praised."
Tobias-- I personally wouldn't use this one, simply because I think of tobacco! It means "God is good."
Aleph-- People really thought it was strange when Natalie Portman named her son this. I think it kind of makes sense. Aleph sounds a lot like the popular Alex, yet it's different, and it means chief. I give props to Natalie for picking up on such an obscure, usable name.
Eliam-- Liam is being used a lot these days, and Eli is right behind him. Why not Eliam?!
Hadriel-- This one is a bit on the odd side... It became way more usable to me, though, when I saw that it meant "splendor of Jehovah." That is such a powerful meaning.
Ira-- Oh Ira. I swoon over this one. Ira is so underappreciated. It means "watchful one." Anyone else out there love Ira as much as I do? Because I feel like I'm a population of 1 on Ira Island.
Mordecai-- I don't feel like this one is as odd because of the name Kai growing so much in popularity. Mordecai is the name of Esther's cousin. Oh and get this: It means "warrior." WARRIOR. Doesn't get more macho than that!
Oren-- This became a name love for me after researching this topic. Lots of little Owens running around... why not Oren? It means "laurel or pine tree."
Zedekiah-- First came Zack... then came Zeke... now let's get the ball rolling with some Zeds!
Which ones are your favorites? I'd honestly love to meet a child with any of these names. They are so, so underused.


  1. Oren is my favorite boys name, and I think Miriam is gorgeous.

  2. I had never heard of Oren until I started doing this search. Soren-- but not Oren. I love finding really obscure, yet totally usable names. It's a little bit like finding treasure :)