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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Sena and Miss Luna.

Super excited about featuring these cute babes this Tuesday! Meet:
Sena Aiden

"When we found out we were having a boy as our first child, we were very excited! Naming a boy was pretty hard. When deciding names, there's two factors we need to follow: it has to be unique and also can be used in English and Japanese, since my husband is Japanese. We are also a huge Formula 1 racing fans and I wanted to name my son after our favorite race car driver, Ayrton Senna. I knew I can't use "Ayrton" because it'll be difficult to write in Japanese. So, I used the last name, took out one "n" to make it more masculine and that's how "Sena" came about. Then I added his middle name Aiden after."
What his name would have been if he were a she: Hana
Luna Elise

 "Truth be told, the second time we got pregnant, I prayed and hoped it's a girl!  When we found out she is a girl, the name game started all over again. This time, my husband got to choose her first name, and there was only one name he wanted the most- Luna. She was also born on a full moon, which was perfect! Then, I added her middle name "Elise" after one of my favorite cars."
Her "almost" names: Sophia, Suri, or Hana.
Can you guys just take a second and appreciate this cuteness right here??
Thank you to Sena and Luna's mama Michelle for letting Name Loves feature her adorable kiddos!
That wraps up this Tuesday's Baby Face Tuesday feature, hope you guys are having a great week thus far!

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