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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birth Announcements 11/19: Etta Fay, Ellison Kay, Ephrem Oliver & more.

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I do love to see what parents come up with for their children. These birth announcements were all found online, on hospital websites.
I tried to pick a whole bunch of different styles of names this time around:

Hazel Jude
Everley Ruth
Camila Rae
Ellison Kay
Kailani Zetta Ann
Collins Elizabeth
Rosalie June
Hattie Mae
Genevieve Anastasia
Penelope Clara
Olive Isabel
Feather Mae
Piper Lily
Malia Essence-Noel
Eleanora Audrey
Polly Helene
Margaret Drew
Violet Aurora
Phoebe Kate
Etta Fay
Gray Eva Dell
Larkin Violet
Korbin Paul
Phoenix Aaron
Boaz McCheyne
Mac Russell
Ephrem Oliver
Spencer Anderson
Graham Andrew
Solomon Thaddeus
Kellen Malcolm
Maximus Cree
Castiel Franklin
Anderson Maxwell
Reid Graham
Paxson Vale
Reece Porter
Ares Cassius
Jake Boone
Hayes Clifford
Roman Valentine
Sutton Wilson
Knox Emmett

I have to say well done to this group of parents! Such eclectic, fun, unique names.

Preppiest names: Anderson Maxwell & Margaret Drew. I can see these two wearing letters in college, for sure.

Manliest names: Solomon Thaddeus & Maximus Cree are destined to be macho men!

Most feminine names: Genevieve Anastasia & Eleanora Audrey. Such sweet, powerful choices for girl names.

Most Unexpected combos: Jake Boone & Gray Eva Dell.

Most unique first names: Ares Cassius & Feather Mae.

Names to watch: Boaz & Ellison. Biblical names are on the rise; I recently counted 3 biblical boy names that are in the top 100 currently that were NOT ten years ago in 2003. ( And other biblical boy names, such as Gabriel, Isaac, Isaiah, and Luke have slowly crept up in the top 100 since 2003. I predict that Boaz will pull "an Ezra." Ezra is a biblical boy name that has SKYROCKETED in popularity. Boaz is short and strong, like Ezra, and has a similar "z" sound in it. Now, will Boaz skyrocket too? I can't say. But because of recent trends, I feel confident that it'll soon rise in popularity. As far as Ellison goes, by observations are simple. Emerson is becoming popular (thanks to the "Em" sound that Americans seem to love) and now, we are seeing a rise in "El" names (Ella, Ellie, Elliot, etc.) Ellison fits right in with trends, and even has a famous namesake named Ralph, as does Emerson. (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ralph Ellison.) It just fits.

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  1. hey, I googled my son's name and found him on your list, my boy is Ephrem Oliver!