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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Soft, short, sweet boy names: Kai, Kian, Cove, and more.

I love soft boy names; I'll never be that person that names my son Slade, Gunner, Hunter, or Axel, not because those are bad names, but because they just aren't my style due to their super-macho-masculine vibe style. I much prefer softer, sweeter boy names.

Asa-- Haven't talked about this name in awhile, but I still love it. With Mason, Cason, Jace, and Ace being on the rise, Asa fits right in. I think the -a ending turns people off.

Ian-- This name is in the Top 100, which is strange because I have never once met an Ian. I love the sound of Ian.

Kai-- I LOVE Kai. Always will. It's no wonder it's becoming trendy.

Milo-- I am personally not a fan of Milo, but I think I'm in the minority here. Thanks to celebrities like Liv Tyler and Alyssa Milano using it for their boys, Milo is a rising star too.

Gray-- So many Graysons running around. It'd be refreshing to see more Grays.

Cedar-- Such a sweet nature name.

Reece-- One of my current top boy name contenders. I used to like it only on a girl, and now I like it only on a boy.

Sage-- A forever Name Love of mine. Like Reece, I used to only like this on a girl, and now I only like it for a boy.

Kian-- From my understanding, this name is pronounced Kee-an, like Keegan minus the G. It's really growing on me.

Theodore-- Okay, so this one isn't short. But it's the cuddliest sounding name, I love it. Theo and Teddy are so CUTE as nicknames.
Blaine-- This one is unisex and I like it for both genders, but I think it suits a boy well.
Louis-- Pronounced the French way "Lew-ee." This pronunciation isn't as popular among Americans, but I think it's one to consider.
Hugo-- My best friend has a kitten with this name, which is sweet, but I'd like to see it on a human boy rather than a feline boy!
Palmer-- I imagine palm trees, which gives me a peaceful association with the name. I think this would make a great name for a boy, if you're looking for something that's under-used yet familiar.
Jude-- This name is rising in popularity; it seems like every time I turn around there is a new baby boy named Jude! But it's so sweet and full of meaning.
Cove-- I think this is a nature name that is severely over looked.
 And there you have it! 16 soft boy names that would be great choices for a son.