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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Twindnesday: How people name their twins part 2.

Once again, Biology had to come before name blogging, so I couldn't do this one on Tuesday, buuuuut I think the title is pretty clever myself, don't you? ;)
I took to the forums to ask people about the twins they know/have, and how they were named. The feedback was interesting:
**Their usernames were used rather than their actual name**
"I don't have twins, but I am a teacher and had twins in my class two years ago names Aidan and Nadia, the mom explained that it was because one is the other backwards. I always thought that was cute." -- lissylou
 "I don't have twins either, but I am a twin. My name is Jemima Frances and my twin sister's name is Gretel Margo. Our first names are both just names they loved, and our middle names are family names. They had decided that I, as the more "active" one in the womb, would be called Jemima. They had a few back up names in case our names didn't suit us, but apparently they suited us perfectly! My dad actually assigned the names while my mum was recovering from her C-section." -- jem 
"I have twin brothers. Thomas Keith and Louis Paul. Both middles are family names which is weird as the rest of the siblings don't have family middles. I think T0m was supposed to be something more interesting like Louis (French pronounciation) but when he was born mum said he was a serious little thing that had to have a serious and sturdy name." --lulabelletillybea
"I am expecting twin girls and can't stand it when people name their twins with matching initials or rhyming names. I feel strongly that each should be treated as an individual. (I also can't stand when parents give singleton siblings names that start with the same letter or rhyme...) I feel like rhyming and matching names makes them an automatic pair. Our method for choosing names was simply based on names we liked. We also considered popularity, as we don't want them to have 2 other people in their class with their name." --dillytwinkles
"One of my closest friends is a twin and her 2 younger siblings are twins as well. Their dad is Italian, so all of their names are Italian. The first set of twins are Andrea and Francesca and the second set are Daniella and Mario." --drapp
"I am currently expecting twins although we don't know the genders yet I do have a few favorite combos. Some have the same amount of syllables, some have matching first initials, some are ethnically matching, etc. I have a list that I started to keep up with a few unique twin name combos. You can check it out here." --kmd427 (I like that she is considering all different ways to name her twins. Props to kmd427 for some interesting twin combos. My favorites are Elsa and Carys, and Reid and Rowan!)
"My friend has 3 year old twins - Sylvie & Fraser. Both named after relatives, but I can't remember what relation they are to her now!" --amydan (Can I just add how awesome these twin names are?!)
"My brothers are twins. They are 15 and their names are Alec and Jared. Jared was a longtime love of my mom's and Alec was chosen because they thought it was handsome and was less popular than the runner up, Adam, the year they were born. My parents didn't want anything within the top 50. I like that the names are individual as opposed to being matchup." --jtay07
"My name is Anneliese Maria while my sister's was Rhea Hayden. The first names, I'm pretty sure, were picked by my mother because of her own opinions. The middle names were to honor my grandparents. My third and fourth child are twin siblings. The boy is named Charles Tennyson while the girl is Charlotte Serafine. Charles and Charlotte I thought were cute twin names, plus Charlotte was my mother-in-law's name while her older brother was named Charles. My husband wanted to honor both of them, so Charles and Charlotte were the pick over Grayson and Clarissa. Charles's middle name is a tribute to the poet while Charlotte's is a character in a book I read a long time ago. It had suddenly popped into my head so I thought why not." --anniexchocolate
I can't imagine the challenge it would be to name twins. It's already enough responsibility to pick out the identity of a human being for the rest of their life, much less two humans at once! But I love that there are a thousand and one ways to do it. Thanks to all of the people that participated in this post! Next week, rather than doing the Twins mini-series, we will be back to Baby Face Tuesday! Woop Woop!
Pleeeaase keep in mind that I'm still looking for children to feature on Baby Face Tuesday! If you know of anyone that would like to share the story of how their kiddo got their name, please send them my way! Thanks!

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