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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Kinlee

This week's babe to feature is pretty stinkin' adorable, so there's your warning. Not to mention we share the same initials!

Kinlee Brooke

LOL, those big eyes kill me!

"When we found out she was a girl we were shocked but happy!!! We got her name because me and my sister were going through names, she said Kinlee and I instantly fell in love!! Her middle name was suppose to be Faith, but her initials would have been KFC, and that wasn't happing!! So me and Bradley picked Brooke! We love her and her name so much."
Her name if she had been a boy: "We swore we were having a boy, so we picked the name Braydin Micheal Collins out."
Her "almost" name: "It was gonna be Angelina Isabelle Collins for my mom but we decided it was too long."
Thank you so much to Kinlee's mama Rachele for letting me feature her! She is purely adorable, and her name suits her.
That wraps up another Baby Face Tuesday! Hope you guys had a great Veterans Day, and if you haven't yet, thank a Vet!

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