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Monday, December 29, 2014

Celeb Baby Names 2014: The Awesome and the Atrocious, according to Kaitlyn.

Here we are at the end of another year! In the naming world, this means two things:
1. We can talk about the year's best and worst baby names.
2. We can start to predict popular names for next year.
And this post is focusing on the first!
There were some AWESOME baby names this year. I was impressed with so many star babies. 
The Awesome:
Apollo Bowie Flynn-- I knew Gwen Stefani would pull through for me. Gwen has been my Hollaback Girl since 05', and She's been naming her boys incredibly for about that long. Kingston James and Zuma Nesta Rock are big brothers to Apollo, so I couldn't wait to hear what Gwen picked and I was so excited when I heard she had picked Apollo. It's quirky, and stylistically matches with her other kids' monikers so I give this name an A+.
Alexander Frost-- Zac Brown of the Zac Brown band had a baby boy this year: Alexander Frost. Alexander is a classic boy name that has been consistently popular for years. The middle name is what got me. I'm kind of fascinated at their choice of middle and I'm curious as to if it's a family name.
Charlie West-- David Arquette's newest addition didn't let me down either. With all of the girl Charlies floating around, it was refreshing to see a Charlie, especially since it honored one of David's grandfather's acting roles. West is possibly my favorite middle name for a boy name. Also, the vintage Charlie goes with his older sister Coco quite well, in my opinion. Great job, David. Really, Bravo!
Fordham Rhys-- Remember The Rosenbaums of Bachelorette's past? They had a baby boy and his name is Fordham Rhys. It's grown on me a lot. Where at first I was a bit iffy on this name, now I love it.
 Leonore Lilian Maria-- Here's a royal baby to throw in the mix. This is Princess Madeleine of Sweden's baby girl. Typically royal baby names are rather boring, but this one has flair for sure.
Bridget Monroe-- I had high expectations for pregnancy guru Rosie Pope and again I wasn't disappointed. This name is classy, vintage, yet has an edge.
Fianna Francis-- Danny Masterson's choice for his daughter opened up the doors for me to my new Name Love, Fianna. I think it's so beautiful.
Philomena Bijou-- Don't get me wrong; I'd never use this name. Not my taste at all. But I admire Daphne Oz's courage to use this mouthful for her daughter! So elaborate and eccentric.
The Atrocious:
Jaxon Wyatt-- I don't hate the name Wyatt, I promise. I dislike this name so much for this reason: Kristin Cavalarri already has a son named Camden Jack. She already has "Jack" in one of her kid's names! Just because you change the spelling doesn't make it a different name. *rolls eyes*
Saint Laszlo-- Pete Wentz and his girlfriend named their son this. I knew his name would be outlandish-- his eldest son with Ashlee Simpson is named Bronx Mowgli. But Saint is kind of a lot of pressure to put on a kid.
Eric-- I can't say I'm completely surprised that Simon Cowell named his son this. Eric is simply dated.
Reign Aston-- Let's talk about the newest little Kardashian baby. First Kourtney had Mason Dash and Penelope Scotland-- Names that are not to far from the beaten path. And then there is Reign Aston. I dislike it so much because it doesn't match his siblings names at all.
Wyatt Isabelle-- Probably my biggest celebrity baby name let down of the year. I'm sorry, but taking a traditionally masculine first name and pairing it with a hyper-feminine middle doesn't make it a girl name. I thought Mila and Ashton would get more creative than this. Bummer.
Royal Reign-- Can we talk about how cheesy Lil Kim's choice for her daughter is? We get it, you want her to be fabulous. This name is just too much.
Summer Rain-- Speaking of cheesy, this is the name that Christina Aguilera chose for her daughter. I had high hopes for her; Her son's name is Max Liron, which is pretty cool, yet not to out there. Again, way too much.
Elizabella Dylan-- OMG. NO. Alyssa Milano just missed the mark completely for her daughter. Her son's name is Milo Thomas... How in the heck did she come to the decision to mash up Elizabeth and Isabella (Isabella is actually a form of Elizabeth so it makes no sense anyway) and pair this frilly name with Dylan. I am at a loss.
Other celebrity baby names that are worth mentioning, but didn't make either of these lists are:
Rose Dorothy (Scarlett Johansson)
Sienna May (Ellen Pompeo)
Alexandra Kalliope (Debbie Matenopoulos)
Vivianne Rose (Jesse James/Eric Decker)
Sunday Molly (Mike Myers)
Georgia Blue (Joel Nichols)
Delta Bell (Kirsten Bell/Dax Shepherd)
Genesis Ali (Alicia Keys)
Bodhi Ransom (Meghan Fox)
Booker Jombe (Thande Newton)
Jack Lion (Amy Lee)
Samuel Hawke (Josh Turner)
Lyric Sonny Roads (Soleil Moon Frye)
And that's the Celeb Baby Name Round-up of 2014! If I don't post until 2015, I hope you guys have an awesome New Year!

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