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Friday, December 5, 2014

Ask Anything Thursday Answers 12/5/14

Since I introduced the feature kind of late in the week, I decided to give readers an extra day to send in questions and I received four of them:
"What would you name a sibling to Olivia Rae?"
Well, Olivia is a classic, feminine, yet fairly common name nowadays. I'd pair it with something with a similar feel. If Olivia Rae had a sister, I'd name her Caroline Bryn. If she had a brother, I'd probably use a classic name for him as well. Jameson Grant would go well, I think.
"How do you feel about the name Blake for a girl?"
I actually like Blake for a girl a lot better than I do for a boy. Not sure why, just a personal preference.
"Could you do a post on names similar to popular names? (: "
Yes! I think that would be fun. :)
"I really like the name Hudson but I can't use it now b/c it's too popular where I live.. any other suggestions plzzz????"
Well, names that sound similar to Hudson are Holden, Hayden, Harrison. If you like the -son ending, Emerson, Ellison, Judson, Lawson, and Jenson are names that are less popular with that ending. Other surname-names in general that you might like: Weston, Maston, Sumner, Palmer, Siler, and Keaton.
That's it you guys! My birthday is Sunday so stay tuned for my birthday weekend celebration updates. And thanks for sticking with me readers through all this craziness. I appreciate you guys so much!

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