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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Alternative names to the Top 15

I was asked to do a post on alternatives to popular names, so here it is! If you like a very popular name and don't want to use that name because of it's popularity, this is the post for you.

In this list, I'll include a few names that begin with the same letter as the popular ones, then I'll suggest some with a similar sound in general.
Here are the top 15 boy names of 2013 and their alternatives:

1. Noah-- Noam, Noel, Niall, Navy, Ezra, Rowan, Bodhi.
2. Liam-- Leland, Leo, Lake, Lachlan, Graham, Eliam. 
3. Jacob-- Jago, Jack, Jenson, Cabe, Macon, Breccan.
4. Mason-- Mace, Mannon, Malik, Emerson, Salem.
5. William-- Weston, Wiley, Wade, Abram, Callum.
6. Ethan-- Everett, Emmett, Evander, Lathan, Thatcher.
7. Michael-- Micah, Myles, Merritt, Abel, Cael, Ike.
8. Alexander-- Alec, Alistair, Atlas, Candler, Canyon, Van.
9. Jayden-- Jameson, Jagger, Julian, Declan, Blaise.
10. Daniel-- Draven, Davis, Duke, Emmanuel.
11. Elijah-- Elias, Ellis, Elliot, Kaius, Orion.
12. Aiden-- Aiken, Ace, Anderson, Dresden, Leighton.
13. James-- Jameson (again), Jude/Judah, Jasper, Amos, Asa.
14. Benjamin-- Bennett, Beckham, Brice, Eamon.
15. Matthew-- Matthias, Matteo, Maston, Theo.

Now for the top 15 girls:

1. Sophia-- Sylvia, Selma, Sienna, Fianna, Fiona.
2. Emma-- Esme, Emory, Essie, Isla.
3. Olivia-- Olive, Eliana,Veda, Milena.
4. Isabella-- Isabeau, Indira, India, Estella, Annabel.
5. Ava-- Avia, Aviana, Alba, Viola, Raven.
6. Mia-- Maia, Malia, Maeve, Fia.
7. Emily-- Emilia/Emiliana, Emmeline, Kirrily, Adelie.
8. Abigail-- Abilene, Adelaide, Alice, Annelise.
9. Madison-- Madigan, Mallory, Maisie, Ellison.
10. Elizabeth-- Eliza, Elin, Ember, Libby, Evelyn.
11. Charlotte-- Charlize, Carla, Lottie, Harlow.
12. Avery-- Amzie, Adeline, Everly, Ivana.
13. Sofia-- *Same suggestions as the above spelling*
14. Chloe-- Clara, Cami, Cora/Coraline, Jovie.
15. Ella-- Eleanor, Ellery, Evie, Bellamy, Esmerelda.

Okay guys that's it for today. Now that all my classes are completely over until next semester, I can finally focus more on blogging! Thanks for your patience! :)

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