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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My top 5 personal name pet peeves.

I don't like to talk about names negatively here, but I would like to do a post about my own personal naming pet peeves. Before I start, let me state that I don't mean to offend anyone out there, and that these are just my personal opinions.

*Also these aren't in any particular order. I'm numbering them for organization's sake.

1. Siblings named similarly. I've heard of siblings named Braidon and Brandon this week. What?! It's almost the same name... it's literally one letter away from being the same name! I also think names with a too-obvious theme fits in this category. For example, siblings named London, Paris, and Brooklyn. It's just cheesy.

That being said, I am really not against naming your children with some kind of theme, or even with the same letter, but my two general rules about naming your children with the same letter are:

-The two names can't have the same first three letters. (The same first two is kinda pushing it!) Nathan and Natalie are too matchy, but Nathan and Nora are different enough to work.
-The two names can't end in the same letter if they begin with the same letter. Morgan and Mason are too matchy, but Morgan and Molly are different enough to work.

Make sense?

2. Sibling name styles that don't match at all. I'm going to use fake names here, but I know of a sibling set named similarly to: Richard and Cayden. OMG. What?! That sounds like a grandfather and his grandson. When I hear a great name, it can be totally ruined if their sibling's name is wayyy different stylistically.

3. People that change the original spellings of names in the name of "unique." If you like a name, use it. If you like an alternative spelling better, than use it. However, don't change the spelling because a name is popular and you think changing the spelling will make it more "unique." I like the name Charlie for a girl, but I prefer the spelling Charlee. Not because Charlie is getting so popular, but because I simply like that spelling better. I have heard of people doing that SO much that I get tired of it. And please-- don't make the spelling so complicated. Simplicity is under-rated nowadays in naming trends.

4. People who use "filler" middle names. This one drives me up the wall. "Filler" middles are middle names that tons of people use as middle names, simply because they sound good with almost everything. Filler middles for girls nowadays tend to be: Grace, Faith, Brooke (my own middle), Rose, Elizabeth, Marie, Ann (I could go on and on). For boys, fillers tend to be names like James, Michael, Joseph, Thomas (Again, I could go on.) Now, let me say that it's a totally different story if one of these types of common middles are family names. But I know more often than not these typical middles are just kind of placed in the middle name spot because it was the first thing that sounded good. That kind of carelessness with a name is so annoying to me! At least put some thought into the name your child will be wearing for the rest of it's life.

5. When people have no intentions of ever actually calling a child by their first name. I know a boy (I'll use a fake name here) that has a wonderful first name, but his parents never planned on calling him that and he's always went by his middle, even in the womb! For example, let's say his name is Callum James and they call the child James. Huh? If you wanted to call him James all along, you should have named him that! Even if there are family names involved, just put the family name in the middle.

Alright that's it! My top 5 personal name pet peeves. What are yours?

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