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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Favorite letters: (His is E, Mine is C!)

I have to tell you that talking about names with Bradley isn't easy or fun whatsoever. My taste in names is a lot like my taste in clothing; I love a lot of different styles. I love the preppy Livingston and the cowboyish Weston and the bad-ass Jagger all the same. Bradley really only likes a select few names, for both genders. So it's made it very frustrating for me.
The cool thing is that the names he DOES like/would be willing to use all start with E. (With the exception of two boy names that are family names) Today I'll share with you those names.
I feel like everyone (or at least every Name Nerd) has a specific letter that they are drawn to. I'd love to hear what your letter is, and some of the names start with it!
Here are his:
Eliana-- This name is rather trendy, I'll admit. But it's meaning "My God has answered" is so beautiful and that's why I love this name. Bradley likes it, but it isn't his favorite.
Everly-- This one was a contender for us for awhile, and is Bradley's favorite, but it didn't feel right to me. I just couldn't picture it on my daughter. I think it's adorable and has a great sound, but it just isn't for us!
Emmeline-- Our current top contender. We both agree that it's a cute name, but before I'd use it, I'd want to find a really cool, quirky middle name to go with it, to counter the frilliness that the name has.
Elora-- This is a new name love of mine. It sounds like a fiery princess and I loooove it.
Evie-- I thought this name would be a cool way to honor both mine and Bradley's side of the family, since we both have great-grandmothers named Eva Nell. (No, not the same woman!)  He's on the fence about this one.
Essie-- Okay this one isn't one we agree on. I just think it's adorable and someone should use this. ;)
Emerson-- I much prefer this on a boy. Traditionally a boy name, Emerson is strong, yet soft. Everything I love about a boy name.
Everett-- Bradley's dad's name. I love the nickname Rhett.
Ender-- I've blogged about this one before. Ender is simply cool.
Ezra-- My long lost Name Love. Anyone who reads regularly knows of my love for this name.
Emmett-- I'm just starting to warm up to this one. I know, I know, I'm behind. This is becoming quite trendy, and for good reason.
Elias-- This is a middle name option for us. I adore the -s ending for boy names.
Long before Bradley, and long after him, I'll forever love C names. They look so chic. So here are my own personal favorite C names:
Claire-- When I was six, I named my dog Lacy Claire. I still love it to this day.
Carrigan-- An undiscovered gem of a name.
Coraline-- I've adored Coraline since I read this book about the spunky little girl who wears the name.
Calliope-- I think this name has the potential to be the next Penelope.
Charlie-- Trendy or not, this is adorable for a baby girl. I'm a sucker for nickname-names.
Campbell-- A surname name that I like mainly for a girl.
Caius-- One of my all time favorite boy names. I wish Bradley would agree to let me use it!
Callum/Callen-- Bradley's picks for boys. I think they are pretty handsome, preppy sounding boy names and they have my stamp of approval. :)
Canaan-- Forever gushing over this biblical name. I go back and forth on which gender I like it better for.
Crew-- When I think of preppy boy names, this is the first one that comes to mind. Maybe it's because I think of crew-neck sweaters? Hmm. Not sure.
Cassian-- This boy names feels.... victorious. Does that make sense? Hope so. :P
Crawford-- Let's end on a surname-y note... This name sounds like a future little baseball player. I find it very adorable. And you've got the nickname Ford too!
That's it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope I hear from some of you about your favorite letter for names! If I don't blog tomorrow, I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

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