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Friday, August 29, 2014

Surprise! Baby Face Friday: Miss Lilla & Miss Vivienne

Surpriseee! I love the "Baby Face" feature so much that I'm doing it twice this week. (And I may do it twice every week, I haven't decided yet.) This Friday, we're looking at two adorable sisters:
 Lilla Clare


 "With Lilla we knew we wanted a short feminine name, no nicknames.  My name is Sara and my husband's name is Ross, both short and sweet and we wanted her name to be like ours.  My mom's name is Lisa and growing up I always loved the way cursive L's looked on her signature, so we wanted a name that started with L.  Our first thought was Lily but that was too popular.  We considered Lyra because Ross and I had both read and loved the His Dark Materials series, but we decided we preferred a softer sounding name.  Then there was Lilia which was deemed too frilly and long but led us to Lila which we thought had a short i unlike Lyla, we actually had Lila on our baby shower invites when much to my dismay everyone was calling Lilla, Lyla.  So we corrected the spelling to Lilla (2 consants = short vowel).  
Lilla's middle name is Clare.  There was much debate on whether or not to use this name.  We were considering it because 1.) it sounds good with everything and 2.) Clare is the name of our wonderful doctor who we went through 3 years of infertility, a rough pregnancy with Lilla and continued to deliver both of our daughters.  Ross was on board with Lilla Clare from the start.  My name is Sara Beth and I always thought my first and middle name sounded a bit childish, and it's the same flow as Lilla Clare.  I was in the hospital during my second trimester with Lilla when I had to have an MRI and the attendant who took me down to Radiology had to check my name off my chart with my wrist band.  As he was taking me down he said, "Sara Beth, how could you not love girl with a name like that."  After that I was sold on the sweetness as well and that is how Lilla Clare got her name."

 Almost names: Lila, Lyra, Lily
If she had been a boy: Jack Thomas
Vivienne Grace

"With Vivienne it was easier and harder to pick a name.  It was harder in that we created rules after Lilla.  We didn’t want them to share initials or ending sounds but we wanted them to be the same style.  My sisters are Katie and Kelsey so these rules were very important to me.  This time we were ok with a longer name so long as it we liked a nickname for it, can you tell I have a thing about nicknames.  Even with all of that she was Vivienne from the start, we liked the nickname Vivi and had no issues with Viv so it was just a matter of the spelling.  I did not want her to be Vivi-Anne so we went with the en ending.  We liked the femininity of the Vivienne ( I had always admired Vivienne Westwood's name) and the fact that shared double letters with Lilla was just icing on the cake.

We wanted to do another 1 syllable name, especially since Vivienne was already longer than Lilla.  We chose Grace because my father, my mother's father and my mother's mother's father are/were all ministers and we wanted to honor them. So we have Vivienne Grace."
Almost name: "Sophie Kate, but this was nixed way before I was expecting."
If she had been a boy: Knox Thomas
Potential future sibling names: Rosalie, Cecily, Eleanor, Sylvie, Cora,
Rufus, Jasper, Graham.
Here are some more pictures of these cute girls! Thank you to their mama Sara for letting me feature them! Have a great weekend, readers.



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