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Monday, August 11, 2014

The best names in the Top 100-200: Brielle & Bennett || Ezra and Eliana

I know I said I was going to post this tomorrow, but I decided I wanted to get 2 different countries in on this gig, so I'm doing the names in the top 100-200 now. :) Sooo, if the top 100 is a little too popular for what you're comfortable with, here are some less popular alternatives that are sure to bust through the top 100 soon.

Eleanor-- Timeless, classic, historic. A beautiful, solid choice. I think of Eleanor Roosevelt so this feels very prestigious to me.
Brielle-- This name is very special to me. I know a precious little girl who has this name, so I couldn't love it more.
Vivian-- This name is becoming quite popular in Hollywood, and I guess it's trickling down to us non-famous people. Vivian Brady & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt are just two star-babies that have this gorgeous name. I predict that it will be in the top 100 by 2015.
Eliana-- This name isn't just beautiful and trendy with the other "elle" names, but I love the meaning. It's a Hebrew name that means "my God has answered." Wow. What a beautiful name choice this would be fore people who have been in prayer for a child.
Clara-- I'm starting to see more and more little Claras. I personally prefer the spelling Klara.
Hazel-- Julia Roberts brought this name back into the spotlight when she used it on one of her twins. Since then the name has only gone up in popularity, and I expect with The Fault in Our Stars being so popular, this name can only go higher on the charts.
Isla-- This is a family name for me! I had a great grandmother named Ila Mae. I told Bradley if we ever had twin girls, we should name them Isla Maven, and Evie Noelle after his great grandmother Eva Nell. He isn't too keen on the idea, though... *tear.
Norah-- I love Norah! Many people on Nameberry say that they are seeing tons of Norahs/Noras, but I have yet to meet one.
Lila-- Such a sweet name. And a cute alternative to Lily.
Daisy-- I know of a little redheaded Daisy. Agghhh! It's too cute for words, especially on a ginger. But maybe I'm a bit partial.

Asher-- I've seen this name on several Mama bloggers' pages, and haven't met one in real life. Several Ashtons, but no Ashers.
Leo-- I was really surprised that this name was sitting high up at number 112 on the charts. I haven't heard of anyone that even likes this name, much less anyone that wears it. I do love it though.
Elias-- This is a strong biblical choice that is a less popular alternative to Elijah. I prefer the softer "s" ending to Eli, anyway.
Ezra-- I'm sad that this is getting more popular! If you read the blog often, you know how much I love Ezra. I don't think I could tire of this name.
Jude-- Lots of biblical names on this post, huh? Whatever.
Weston-- This name is so rugged and... "out-west." I much prefer this over Easton.
Emmett-- I used to dislike this so much. Over time, I've grown to adore it. I wonder if it will become as popular as it's female counterpart, Emma?
Kingston-- Gwen Stefani used Kingston James on her adorable boy years ago. I love Gwen, and her naming taste! Her other sons are named Zuma Nesta Rock, and Apollo Bowie Flynn. Go you, Gwen.
Bennett-- I love Bennett! A very cute alternative to Benjamin, and you get that "Ben" nickname.
Kai-- I have loved this one for a long time. But, I seem to love names with a long "I" sound. (Violet, Skye, Ryker, etc.)
Alright, I'm seriously done for the day! Tomorrow is Baby Face Tuesday! Don't forget to check in tomorrow night and read it!


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