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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Short and Strong boy names: Cruz & Cal

I'm about to head to class, so I'm keeping this post short today, just like the boy names on it:
Jack-- A very classic, All-American little dude name. I especially like it on it's own, not connected to Jackson. Simply because Jack by itself is a little daring.
Pierce-- I go back and forth on this one. It has a very sharp, distinct sound. Since my boyfriend is super excited for the movie November Man with Pierce Brosnan, I had to include it.
Troy-- I never really liked this name, but I've been on a Real Housewives of Orange County-binge and Vicki's grandson on the show is pretty adorable.
Ever-- Not Everett... just Ever. Saw a little boy in Instagram with this name, and I thought it was so handsome and unexpected.
Cruz-- I'd love to use this name. It means "cross" in Spanish.
Zeke-- This has the same feel to me as Jack. Very laid back, and a bit mischievous
Theo-- I think of Theo Huxtable on the Cosby Show. 
Ian-- I like this name because I can easily picture and Ian at all ages. 
Cal-- I especially love Cal as a nickname.
Tripp-- Some may think of Sarah Palin's family, but I don't necessarily mind that association.
Graham-- This name looks a lot longer than it actually is. Six letters, one syllable, which you don't see much. Graham feels kind of cuddly, and sweet to me.
Lane-- There is a little boy very near and dear to my heart with this name, so I can't help but love it.
Happy Wednesday readers!

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