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Friday, August 8, 2014

Strong R names & Soft M names: Reverie and Rogue || Mabel and Malcolm

I've got a bit of a love affair with R names. It could be because I've always liked when teachers called me by my last name, which has a very strong R sound. But R names feel so strong and spunky, in my opinion. 

I also love the way M names have a way of sounding soft. Even Maverick, with it's rowdy meaning is soft to me because of the M sound at the beginning. I could be the only one that feels this way... but it's my blog and I do what I waaaant. :P kidding, kidding.

We'll start with the R's!

Rory-- This was in my last list of GP names so I won't express my fondness of this one again. :P
Reverie-- I first heard this unique word name when I found the blog Girls Gone Child. Mama Rebecca Woolf bestowed the name Reverie Lux on one of her adorable twins. It means "dream-like state." It's one of those names that I wonder how it's flown under the radar for so long... I guess it should have been in my post about underused names!

Ruthie-- I know an adorable blonde-headed little girl with this name. I never would have considered it until I saw this girl, and now that I know a little Ruthie, I love it!

Rosalie-- This one may be a little too "Twilight" for some people, but the Twilight phase is fading away it seems, and I think this is a very sweet choice.

Ruby-- This gem name sits on the charts at #93 in 2013. More and more people are feeling the sweet charm of this name, obviously. And the nickname Rue is uber cute.
Ren/Wren-- Wren doesn't EXACTLY start with an R.... but that's the sound at the beginning of the spelling that I like of this name... and it's a very short, adorable, bird name that seems to be getting more and more popular as a middle name.


Ryker-- One of my favorites for a boy. It feels so strong and masculine.
Rome-- This is another one of my favorites. I explained why I love both of these in my Top 11 favorites post!
Reeves-- This is the surname of the man who led me to Christ. I always thought it would be special to use this as a middle, and for awhile, my favorite name was Declan Reeves. I still love it to this day. :)
Rhys-- Normally I don't like names that I couldn't pronounce at first, but this is an exception. Thanks to Nameberry, I've learned that this name is a spelling of "Reece" And I've grown to like this spelling the best. This name is a little different than the other strong R names though; The S sound at the end softens it. So there's a strong R sound at the beginning, and a soft S sound at the end, which balances this name in a lovely way.
River-- I've yet to meet a boy with this name, but I'd love to. I do know a girl with the middle name Rivers, though.
Rogue-- This is just... badass. There's no other word for it, it just is. Not sure if I'd be brave enough to use it... but still. So cool.
And now for the soft M names:
Mia-- Popular or not, this is one of the sweetest names. I love this, and always will despite it's current place in the Top Ten.
Mabel-- This is a vintage name that doesn't even feel vintage-y to me. It feels more modern than it is.
Magdalene-- A biblical name with the nickname alternative "Maggie." I know a girl with this name, and wears the nickname that matches it, and she's adorable.
Milou-- Found this one on Instagram. From my understanding, it's pronounced Meh-LOO. I don't think I'd ever use it, but I'm really interested in this one, and I'd love to see a child with this name.
Meadow-- This may be too "hippie-ish" for some people, but I find it perfectly serene and sweet.
Mirabel-- Mirabel is a sweet, unusual name that is on trend with the "bel" ending, and means "wonderful." How perfect.
McRae-- I'd never use this personally, but it just sounds like a cool, down to earth kid that you want to hang out with at a ball game. Ya know?
Malachi-- This is a biblical name that seems to be getting more recognition. It also has the cute option of the nickname Kai, which is very trendy at the moment.
Memphis-- This sounds like a rockstar's kid's name. I wouldn't use it because I live in the south, and there is a city called Memphis in the south as well and I wouldn't want people to think I was naming my child after that place! I just think it sounds really cool, and it's very unusual.
Merritt-- I love this virtue name for a boy. I imagine a very brave, honest, adventurous little boy with this name.
Malcolm-- One of my future college professors has a son with this name. Naturally I asked him his name story, and he said that he named him after his best friend. I thought that was an incredible honor, and so sweet.
Mace-- I much prefer this name over Mason. Not that there's anything wrong with Mason... I just like that Mace is short, simple, and soft name for a boy. Plus Mace is much less popular that Mason, which sits at #4 on the 2013 most popular name list.

That's all I have for you guys! Talk to you later.

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