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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Scout

Let me start this post off by saying, I adore this little girl's name. And I think her mother is a Name genius:
Scout Amelie
"I often ask myself which path is the most adventurous when I am faced with a decision. Having a child is so is one of the biggest adventures. The name Scout fits my daughter because she loves to investigate and discover. She is completely distracted by acorns, mushrooms, rocks, worms and shells. I wanted to balance her frill-less first name with a feminine middle. My sister suggested Amelie."

If she had been the opposite gender: "Possibly Dodger, though I had a feeling it was a girl and didn't concentrate on boy names."
 ***For those of you readers who don't know (I didn't for awhile) Amelie is a French name pronounced Ah-muh-lee***

A big thank you to Scout's mama for letting me share her name! I adore it, and I know that any readers with a spunky naming style will too. Happy Baby Face Tuesday guys!


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