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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rugged, tough & unusual boy names: Everest & Hawk

I did the soft and sweet girls, so now I'll do the rough-and-tumble boys. Some of these might sound "soft," but for me what makes a tough name is the meaning, or imagery behind the name. Here are some of the most interesting, tough, and "manly" unusual names for boys I could find:
Abraham-- Abram is much more common than this (and when I say much more common, I mean still not common at all.) But I'd love to meet a baby Abraham. Abraham was "The Man" in the Old Testament.
Caspian-- I think of The Chronicles of Narnia when I think of this name. Prince Caspian was a brave solider. Plus, it's a place name reference when you think of the Caspian see. Jasper is climbing up the charts... So why not Caspian?
Cato/Kato-- I prefer the K spelling, because I think of the clothing store with the C spelling. Now for Hunger Games fans, this may be a no-go, but I'm not all that into Hunger Games so, I think this is way cool.
Everest-- Emmett, Everett... Everest seems to logically follow. This is the name for those of you looking for an alternative to those first two E names above. Everest is also a place name, referring to the highest peak in the world.
Fox-- For me, this is strictly middle name territory and even then I'm not sure if I'm that brave. I've seen this as a middle name a few times on Nameberry. Would you be brave enough?
Hadrian-- This name has historical roots, because it was the name of one of the last Roman Emperors. That extra H sound gives it that "umph" that Adrian doesn't have.
Hawk/Hawkins-- Speaking of animal names... :) Here's another one! I'd be more likely to use Hawk in the middle. Not sure why, it just feels more wearable than Fox.
Jedidiah-- It's on my Name Crush list on the sidebar at the moment, and my current favorite on this list. Jed is SO handsome.
Ransom-- This brings to mind author Ransom Riggs. I think it sounds quite dashing.
Sampson-- I love the story of Sampson in the bible, for many reasons that I won't rave about here. I sympathize with this guy. So I love this name.
Wilder-- I picture a frontiersman. This could be because of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but nonetheless.

Okay guys that's it! Happy Wednesday!

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