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Friday, August 22, 2014

The name struggle is real: Bradley's reject names, in honor of his birthday tomorrow!

I know that I have the pickiest boyfriend in the world when it comes to names. Naturally, since I love talking about them, we have had many discussions about names. I have suggested EVERY possible name on this earth, it feels like, and he just doesn't like anything. His favorite names? That list is made up of 1 boy name, and 2 girl names.

They are the only two he will hear of. It's not that they're bad... I just don't like them enough to use them. (I think.) When I ask him what he likes about them so I can get a feel for what he likes he just says "I don't know... I just like them."

Wow, Brad. Thank you for that extensive detail. Super helpful.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like we have a dire need to express how we feel about names, but it's my hobby, obviously, and I feel like I've failed as a Name Nerd because I can't find common ground here.

So now for the reject names:

Annabelle-- Who couldn't like this sweet name? Bradley, that's who. He described it as "a slutty princess" name. Harsh.

Vivienne-- "Sounds like a middle aged lady."

Emory-- I thought this might be a winner with the "Em" sound that he likes. Guess not. Update: He has recently just agreed to Emery, just spelt that way. I'm kind of excited about it. :)

Harlow-- "I just don't like the way it sounds." Okaaaayyy... What DO you like the sound of??

Daisy-- "She'll sound like a redneck."

Brighton-- "It doesn't even sound like a name." It's one of those craaazyyy things called a place name, Brad.

Tallulah-- *Laughed in my face.*

Jubilee-- *Gave me a stern judgemental look.*

And as for the important ones, Aspen and Violet are his rejects BUT I REFUSE to put them in the corner of his rejected names! They are much too beautiful and my all time favorites and I will fight for those two!
As for the boys...
Bennett-- He just... won't. Unless by force.
Asa-- *Another stern judgemental look*
Maverick-- Lots of Nameberries really dislike this. Bradley really does too. Am I the only one that finds it super cute? Apparently.
Lincoln-- This is a very recent no-go from The Brad.
Silas-- "Sounds like Silence!"
Breccan-- "Like Bacon? Uh, No."
Our boys list is more short, because he is way less picky with those, and we more or less agree on our first son's name. It's the girl names that have been the headache.
That's it for today! I'm gonna get off and go work on some homework. Have a great Friday guys!

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