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Sunday, August 17, 2014

College names that are/could be legitmate first names: Baylor and Bellevue

In honor of my first day of college in a little over 12 hours... I'm doing a post on collegiate names! And there are some better ones out there than you might think:
Abilene-- As in Abilene Christian University. This name has been getting more recognition thanks to The Help.
Acadia-- As in Acadia University. This college is actually in Nova Scotia, come to find out.
Auburn-- As in Auburn University.This name would fit right in with the Aubrey craze, and the trend of color names. If Aubrey, and if Scarlet, and if Blue, why not Auburn?
Baylor-- As in Baylor University. This is a name I've actually seen on two baby boys within the past year, but I think it could go for either gender.
Bellevue-- As in Bellevue University. I love this as an alternative to all of the -bella names.
Bethel-- As in Bethel University. A great, and uncommon way to get to the sweet and simple nickname, Beth.
Brigham-- As in Brigham Young University. I really like this, actually. I love Bram, and this seems like a more rugged version of that name.
Duke-- As in Duke University. If Guliana and Bill can pull it off with their child, I say the general public can too.
Fairleigh-- As in Fairleigh Dickinson University. Hmm. I know many Name Nerds may dislike this, but I find a certain charm about it. Maybe because it sounds like fairy.
Hendrix-- As in Hendrix College. The first association with this name would definitely not be with the college, but with the guitarist. So for me, this is a very daring choice of name, and it would take a really cool kid to pull it off.
Kent-- As in Kent State University. A little bit more rugged than Keith, and it feels sort of preppy to me.
Mercy-- As in Mercy College. Such a sweet virtue name that was brought to light by Madonna when she used it for her daughter.
Murray-- As in Murray State University. I prefer Murphy, over Murray, personally.
Princeton-- As in Princeton University. This one only seems logical to me, since Kingston has busted the Top 200, why not Princeton?
Salem-- As in Salem State University. I love Salem. It's a Hebrew name for peace. I could see it on either gender.
Troy-- As in Troy University. I heard a few boys talking a few years ago, about how they would love to name a son Troy, because in their words "It's the most badass guy name there is." I thought to myself "Hmmmm. It's fascinating to hear the thought processes of boys talking about names."
Truman-- As in Truman State University. The first association with this name will most likely be with the president rather than the college. I adore the nickname True.

Okay guys that's all I have for tonight! Next time you hear from me, I'll be a big, bad college girl. Talk to you soon!

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