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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Names safely under the top 1000... for now: Tallulah & Truett || Emerald & Evander

The Title pretty much says it all for what I'm posting about today. I'm going to format this a bit differently than what I normally do:
Names I'm shocked aren't in the top 1000 yet: Louise, Sylvie, Scout, Dashiell, and Wilder.
Whaaaat?! I think the Nameberry community lives in a dark cave of unusual names, myself included, and names that seem popular amongst the community aren't actually popular outside of our little name-lovin' cave. Sylvie and Scout especially seem to be all over the forums... And then they aren't even in the top 1000? It's a serious Name Nerd wake-up call.
Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the name Scout. Some time this month, the blog will be featuring a sweet little Scout on Baby Face Tuesday. ;)
Names that I have never heard of/totally forgot about until I started researching this topic: Kensington, Geneva, Rhiannon, Huxley, Corwin, and Slater.
All of these names I've heard of at some point in my life; some from movies, reality TV shows, and one from the daycare I work at. But each one is very uncommon. I wanted to take a second and mention that Geneva [Jen-eve-uh] is a French name that means "juniper tree" and Rhiannon [Ree-ann-in] is a Welsh name that means "divine queen." Some of you may not be able to get past the Rihanna association... I don't think I could. BUT, if you could, I think these two names, especially Rhiannon, are beautiful.

Nature names/Outdoor-sy names under the top 1000: Poppy, Emerald, Ridge, West, and Rivers.
Let me add that I really just cannot like Poppy. It just sounds like another way for a kid to say "grandpa." However, I know that many people do like the name, and I wanted to include it on this post anyway, because it IS an interesting name, no matter what you think about it. Emerald is a gem name that's way underused. Less popular than Emma and Ruby and still has the same sweet feel that the two names do. And the three boy names Ridge, West, and Rivers? How freaking rugged and handsome! Especially Ridge, one of my current name crushes.
Names that end in -er under the top 1000: Fifer, Rumer, Lavender, Evander, Casper, Ledger.
Rumer Willis has somewhat paved the way for this cute name. It's an English name that means "gypsy" which is cool. The word "rumor" association with this name may dissolve any potential for popularity, though. The same goes for Casper; Most Americans will say "The Friendly Ghost?" following mention of this name. But both are pretty names, regardless.

Names I thought were below the top 1000, but I was proven wrong when I looked: Margot, Ivory, Winter, Anders, Foster, Garrison.
I had to include the "rejects" of this post. ;)
T- names that are below the top 1000: Tallulah, Thea, Tzipporah, Trigg, Truett, Tabor.
Just wanted to feature some T names! Tzipporah and Tabor are both Hebrew names. Tzipporah was the wife of Moses, and her name meant "bird." Tabor means "encampment" and was the name of a mountain between Northern and Southern Israel.
That's all I have guys!

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