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Sunday, August 10, 2014

#selfiesunday 8/10/14: College, Pre-K, and Red Hair.

Here we are again, another #selfiesunday post! I've been blogging for nearly two weeks now, and I've got a sense of direction on what I want to write about now, name-wise. This is only my second #selfiesunday post, and I'm sort of unsure on how to write about things that aren't names, so be patient with me, readers!

Let's try this kind of lay-out for today:

What's happened the past week:

I'm a redhead! Like, a RED, redhead. I love it. It feels so me. I'm not sure how I ever lived any other way. Am I being over dramatic? Probably.
Displaying image.jpeg
I told you it was red!

I've also got the very last of my college supplies this week. Books, folders, tuition, everything is a go for my very first year of college. It's very weird, and a little intimidating. I've got a medley of emotions as my friends start to leave, and I gain more responsibilities. It's what I've been preparing for the past 13 years of school, and yet I still feel like I'm too little. College kids always appeared to have it all together, and be so grown up and I'm there now and I feel very far from grown up.

What's happening this week: 

I'm meeting all of my new babies at work! I say babies, but I mean four year olds. These are kids I'll be with from 3:30-5:30 every week day. I'm nervous. It's kind of like a first date. No one WANTS to go on a first date. They're awkward, and tense, and uncomfortable. But every date after the first gets a little better and eventually a beautiful relationship forms over time. That's how it is with the kids; it takes time and patience and mutual respect and eventually there is a sweet bond. 

I DO miss my babies that have moved on to Kindergarten, though. I'm heartbroken about it, and I know I'm only feeling a fraction of what their mamas feel. 

I just wanna take a second and thank all of the people who have viewed my blog. The picture below is the number of views and the different countries that have viewed Name Loves JUST YESTERDAY!

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It's INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much, whether you're a Nameberry user, Instagram follower or Facebook friend of mine, I appreciate your support so much. It makes me so glad to have started doing this blog. 

Also: I'm looking for kiddos to feature on the Baby Face Tuesdays in September! I've got adorably named babes lined up for the rest of the Tuesdays in August. So if you want your child's name story to be featured, contact me somehow! Through Nameberry, or Facebook would probably be the best way. 

Thank you guys! That's all I have for this #selfiesunday. 

I would normally put my signature in, but I'm at Bradley's apartment and it won't let me pull up the picture of it on this computer so just imagine my signature riiiiiight ----> * here. :)

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