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Monday, August 11, 2014

The best names in the Top 100: Noah, Natalie, Naomi, and more.

This week I've decided to do a mini-series on popular names, since I've been showing a lot of love to names that aren't very popular. Today I'm doing my favorite names in the Top 100, Wednesday I'll be doing my favorite names in the top 200, and Thursday and Friday My favorite names in the top 100 of other countries, England being one of them, and I haven't decided on the other one! So here we go, cheers to a week of honoring the names that everyone seems to love!

Yes I drew them out :) I appreciate a visual aid,
and I thought you guys would too!

Mia-- Mia is the only one of my favorite popular girls names that is in the Top 10. I ADORE this name. So much, that I don't care how popular it gets, I'd still use it. It's so simple, and sweet, and fresh. This name feels like a bouquet of daisies and white, furry puppies. Does that make sense? I told you, I'm a visual person. :)
Natalie-- I've met a few sweet little Natalies, one in particular, that I can't help but love this name. Can there even be a mean Natalie? I'm not sure. It's a very all-American girl kind of name.
Audrey-- So girly. So strong. The funny thing is, I've never met an Audrey.
Violet-- My all time favorite, forever. I love Violet, and have since I was a little girl. It's a precious, precious girl name. It's hard to believe it's number 69, because I've never met a little Violet either.
Annabelle-- Bradley so dislikes this name. He told me what this name reminded him of, and I'll spare you guys from what that is, but basically he has ruined this for me. Oh well, love it anyway.
Naomi-- This feels very all-American girl, the same way Natalie does.
Ruby-- This was a favorite of mine for a long time, until about a year ago, when I just simply tired of it. I thought it would be a sweet way to honor two of my favorite actresses on the Golden Girls, Rue McLanahan, and Bea Arthur. Rue-Bea. Ruby! I still toy with the idea. :)
Piper-- More and more parents are loving this name, and it's no secret why. It's bubbly, and just by saying it, I feel like I get an energy boost. Maybe because it rhymes with Hyper? Hmmmm.

Please ignore my Tristan mess-up at the top!
Noah-- It was the number one name in the United States in 2013. It's so handsome, and charming, and biblical. I can't say I'm surprised.
Jack-- I'll say the same thing about this name as I did Natalie and Naomi... It's like an all-American little dude name. Jack is such a cool, down-to-earth name.
Sebastian-- This name feels like it totally doesn't belong in the top 100. I mean when I think about it, I have heard of a lot of little Sebastians. But still... to me it feels way different from the other names, especially from what I've listed.
Levi-- Another biblical name. On Nameberry I saw that a mother is planning on naming her fraternal twins Naomi and Levi. Boom. Perfect.
Oliver-- This one was surprising to me. I only know of one little Oliver, who is older. I have yet to hear of one born in 2013, or even 2012. I guess I'm the only one though.
Hudson-- Oh how handsome is Hudson. (Say that 5 times fast.)
Lincoln-- Now this one was a surprise! One minute I think Lincoln is on the rise, the next I find out it's already busted through the top 100. Geez, Link. Slow down.
Tristan-- I expect this one will only go higher in popularity, Thanks to Chris Hemsworth's twin boys. I doubt that his other twin son, Sasha, will get as much recognition as Tristan, though. But who knows!

And those are my favorites from the Top 100! I'm already making a list of names from the top 100-200 for Wednesday's post. Don't forget that tomorrow is Baby Face Tuesday! Check out Name Loves tomorrow to hear one little dude's name story. :)

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