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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hallelujah! We're back! Some quick names before we start the week fresh.

Oh how I missed this blog. Sigh. It feels so great to have internet at the house again. It took us a week, but we finally got it!
Just to let everyone know, I'm planning on doing the Baby Face Tuesday post this upcoming Tuesday. We'll just pick up where we left off next week.
As for now, I'll go ahead and list out some names I'm loving. (Which is boring-ish but I'll get some themes going for next week!)
Adelie Wren-- Part Natalie, Part Adeline, and a little easier for Americans to pronounce than Amelie. (In my opinion.) I really like this spelling. Wren adds an earthy-ish vibe to this combo.
Hadley Emma-- If my boyfriend wasn't named Bradley, I'd totally use Hadley. Hadley Hemingway comes to mind when I think of this name.
Livvy Noelle-- If Libby can work on it's own, I say Livvy can too. Noelle is a gorgeous classic that I'll always love.
Coraline Maeve-- Starting liking Coraline again over my no-internet break. I actually don't like the name Cora, but I do love Coraline, because I've always loved the book. Maeve is a sweet touch to Coraline.
Fallon Arabelle-- This is just oozing girly-spunk.
Imogen Harper-- I would never use Imogen for myself, but I've grown to like it from seeing it on Nameberry all the time. Harper is a pretty sassy addition to the very British Imogen.
Juniper Isla-- Another name Nameberry made me love: Juniper. Again, I don't think I'd ever use it. But it's quite beautiful paired with Isla.

Ender Jude-- Ender is probably my name crush for the week. I have a feeling Ender is a temporary Name Love for me. Sure, this combo might be a little "d" heavy, but I like it anyway.
Stellan August-- Two wonderful, wonderful names paired together. What else can I say?
Charlie Orion-- Sweet, laid back Charlie paired with super-manly Orion. Loooove.
Abram Parker-- Abram feels very no-nonsense to me. And Parker feels like a playful name. I like the way these two balance each other. I suppose I just like balanced names in general!
Caius Rogue-- This one is for the more daring parents. Caius, I predict, will become slightly more popular thanks to Rachel Zoe. I love the "C" spelling so much. Rogue is a word name, obviously. Doesn't get much cooler than this.
Pierson Andrew-- Pierson is very unexpected. So I like it paired with something more classic, and Andrew is my pick for it.
Calder Rhys-- Calder means "rough waters" and I dunno, I just think it's way cool.

Okay that's it! Sorry guys, I'll be much more active next week :)

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