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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm back [momentarily] with a naming-vengeance. (not really)

Okay so my internet is still down at my house, and I'm really starting to get aggravated with it. The new modem we need should be in today, so fingers crossed! 

That being said, I'm blogging on a different computer today. It's not much, but it's something, and I really needed to blog today because I miss naming!

Here are just some combos that I'm loving this week: 


Eisley Maven-- I'm a flip-flopper with Eisley [eyes-lee]. I used to like it, then I didn't, and now I'm back on an Eisley-kick. I really like it paired with Maven. Come to think of it... I pretty much like Maven paired with anything. :P This name would be a really cool way to honor my great-grandmother, Ila Mae.

Adelle Rhiannon-- These names are truly beautiful together, and individually. The onlllyyyy problem I see with these two names together is that they are similar to two very popular singers (Adele, and Rihanna.) The first association isn't too bad, but the second... Well, that association makes this name unusable for me. But, I would love to meet a child with this name.

Eloise Fable-- I LOVE word middle names. Love them. I want them for my children. Especially Fable. Why? Because it feels to me like a mixture of two beautiful vintage names, Faye, and Mabel. I think Fable with Eloise is so adorable, and whimsical. 

Lillian Bea-- I feel like this is the frilliest of my girl choices today. Lillian is timeless, and Bea is the name of Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy on the Golden Girls, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love Golden Girls.

Piper Amelie-- I love the ever-spunky Piper, with the softer, lesser-known Amelie. (Which is pronounced ah-muh-lee to those of you who have never come across this name.)

Ismay Olivia-- I prefer Ismay over Esme. Today, anyways. :) And Olivia is timless, giving Ismay a girlier-feel.


Rhett Jameson-- Rhett is super cool. Jameson is a less-used middle that flows great with Rhett.

Atlas Ryker-- Atlas is probably the king of cool names, in my opinion. Ryker is just the cherry on the cool-cake.

Sampson Jack-- I love the story of Sampson in the bible. If this makes sense, when I see these names together, I think of a flannel shirt and a worn out pair of Levis. It just feels... comfy. :)

Ira Dashiell-- Ira. Aghhhh I love Ira for a little boy. It's a shame it isn't used so much anymore for boys. Dashiell is a super charming name to go with the clunky-cool Ira. 

Grayer Levi-- I've loved Grayer ever since I watched the Nanny Diaries. Levi is an All-American boy kinda-name to me, and I love the two paired together. 

Lennox Canyon-- Now, going with my clothing imagery here, these names feel like a pair of Keens and shaggy little boy hair. This would totally fit a rough, playful, sweet boy. 

And that's it for today, guys. Sorry it wasn't all that much, but I'm hoping to get the Baby Face Feature done by this Friday. There are FOUR, yes FOUR siblings I'm featuring then, with very classic names. Talk to you guys soon!

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