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Monday, September 1, 2014

Birth Announcements 9/1/14: Lilika Mae, Ledger Moon, & more.

I haven't done one of these in about a month or so! These posts are one of my favorites to do. I love seeing what other parents come up with. Let's do this:
Zelda Avery
Luella Jo
Lilika Mae
Paisley Oaks
Cleo Simone
Margaret Amelia
Eleanor Hope
Haven Rose
Zooey Salome
Malina Amor
Landri Elizabeth
Viola Esther
Ivy Abigail
Magdalina Grace
Daphne Nicole
Kali Athena
Alice Maple
Nellie Brien
Lucy Malone
Crew Willis
Lincoln Xavier
Nikolai Taylor
Reid Everist
Beau Henry
Aspen Cruz
Lawson Blake
Truman Schuler
Scout August
Memphis Reece
Archer Liam
Elias Henry
Bronx Andrew
Caspian West
Ezekiel Noah Jacob
Ledger Moon
Asa Matthew
Walker Forrest
Bennett Morgan
These names were gathered from various hospital birth announcements online. I love so many of these!
The ones I said "oooooh" at when I first saw them: Ledger Moon, Caspian West, Scout August, Alice Maple, and Kali Athena.
Most unexpected combinations: Aspen Cruz, Crew Willis, Nellie Brien, and Paisley Oaks.
Names to watch: Daphne, Haven, Asa, and Archer. I'm finding more and more babes with these names, and I think they have huge potential for greater popularity.
That's it for my Labor day post. Hope you enjoy the birth announcement posts like I do! I'm going to go work on my very first speech for Public Speaking class... but just know that I'd rather be naming. :) Have a great week!

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