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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Mr. Konrad

This Tuesday, the blog is featuring a sweet little Viking boy:
Konrad Wolfgang
Couldn't you just die of cuteness?!
"As a name lover, it was interesting to me to marry a man named Klaus. His family loves using German names to honor their heritage. I hadn't thought about German names much but when we got pregnant it was pretty much a given that we would go that route. My husband wanted a Klaus Jr., but I never agreed as I find it confusing. So, we compromised and decided we would give our son a name that started with a "K" and we would also give him my husband's middle name, Wolfgang. We decided on Konrad, spelled the traditional German way. Klaus's great-grandmother's maiden name was Conrad, and although we never met her, it's nice to have a family tie in there. I also enjoy old musical movies and we often sing him "We love you Konrad, oh yes we do..." from the movie/play "Bye Bye Birdie." We have gotten a lot of compliments about how strong and unique his name is. And of course, how German it is as well We sometimes call him Konnie or Kon, but he's mainly Konrad. Oh! And he was born on New Year's Eve....and has been partying ever since "
If he had been the opposite gender: "He probably would have been Wilhelmina Marie. Though we never really decided on that since we knew he was a boy. We were considering Wilhelmina, Louisa or Emmanuella."
Other names considered: "The only other name we had considered was Cormac/Kormak. We really liked the name but like I said, we wanted a name that started with a K. Although there actually is history of the name Kormak (a character in an Icelandic Poem) it just looked a little too "made up" for us."
Sibling names: Konrad has no human siblings, but he does have doggie siblings, Rocco, Sally, and Stella.
That concludes this week's Baby Face Tuesday. Thank you to Konrad's mom for sharing her baby boy and his name story with the blog!

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