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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Preppy girl names: Amelia, Celia, and more.

As I get older, I find myself becoming more and more preppy. I'm actually wearing a pair of Hunter boots right at this very second. :P I'm also finding myself more and more attracted to "preppy" names, whereas about a year ago I would have gagged at a lot of these names. (There I go over-exaggerating again.)
I define a "preppy" name as a name that I can simply see on a girl whose super smart, super girly, and really into fashion, and Starbucks. But also a girl that is social, loves to get involved, and sets high goals for herself. Soooo, that's who I have in mind when thinking of names that fit in this category:

Ainsley-- Surname names kind of give me a sense of family pride, even if they don't even come from a family name of the person who is wearing the name. So, I can imagine a prep-school girl with this name.

Blair-- Simple, and has a little extra spunk than the very sweet Claire.

Ivy-- Plain and simple, I think of Ivy League. Lol, is this connection too obvious? Probably.

Eleanor-- I think of the intelligent, prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt.

Lillian-- This is a little more polished than Lily, a little more grounded than Lilliana. I like how it's a compromise between the two.

Gemma-- Possibly my favorite from this list, because it has an air of prestige, yet has flavor to it.

Blakely-- Another surname-name that gives off the preppy vibe. I love the nickname Blake for a girl, but maybe not so much for a first name. I think it's pretty suitable for middle name territory, too.

Amelia-- Okay, I actually picture Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries in her plaid skirt riding her scooter to school. But this name is a classic with or without the movie. :)

Olivia/Liv-- This name is pretty versatile, but I see it as slighttttlllyyy preppy.

Hadley-- Another surname-y prep-possibility.

Madigan-- A fresh spin on Madison.

Reagan-- In memory of the president of basically the entire decade of the eighties.

Genevieve-- The extravagance of this French name gives it a very high class-kinda flare.

Brinkley-- And again... another surname name. (Sorry guys but I do have a thing for them.)

Celia-- Very pretty, and very proper. It also means "heavenly." How sweet is that?

Eloise-- I think of that rich little girl and her plaza from the books.

That's all I've got for this Thursday, folks. We're almost to Friday! Woop Woop. :)

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