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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby Face Tuesday: Miss Revvie

Back at it again with Baby Face Tuesday. This babe has not one, but two very unique names with a story behind them:
Revvie Adessie
The joy on her face is just great!
"One day while pregnant, I was watching the movie Higher Learning. Still baffled on a name, I heard the name Remy. Problem was, the character in the movie was a racist skinhead, and while some might not know the movie, I knew. So while driving later that week, I went through the entire alphabet, changing the letters to the name. Quickly giving up hope, I got to v and spoke "Revvie". That was it. It had the spunk, the softness, the feminism, everything I had wanted. My first daughter's middle names was a combo of my grandmother's names, so I felt only right to honor my husband's grandmothers with this child's middle name. I had the task of combining Flossie and Adelaide. After much smushing, Adessie finally appeared. Revvie Adessie. A 2-3 combo, which I gravitate towards and a feminine feel. From the moment I spoke it, there was no need to entertain the thought of another name. This was it."
If she had been a boy: "Tacoma Romeo was being thrown around."
Siblings: Daytona Joette and Zabryn Amare
I like the idea of smushing together grandparents' names to honor each of them. Thank you to Revvie's mom for sharing her name story with Name Loves!

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